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Reviews Written by jojo

January 22, 2015
Works just fine for me,...
Verified Purchase
Works just fine for me, I've been using it mostly with Hi-Tec pens on Tomoe River Paper. This item can be stacked with the other sizes so it is the length of a pen, and you can stack all four together if you want to store them as such. I really love these!!

September 14, 2014
I really like this pen,...
Verified Purchase
I really like this pen, but the cap tends to scratch the paint off the grip area of the barrel. Not a big deal, though it is a little unsightly and disappointing since this is such a nice pen!

May 9, 2014
This is my FAVORITE box...
Verified Purchase
This is my FAVORITE box eraser!!!!! I won't be running out for a while but I hope Jetpens will restock these some day!

May 23, 2013
I really like this pen....
Verified Purchase
I really like this pen. It is very heavy, but I tend to squeeze hard on my pens if they are too light, so this pen helps me get a better grip without squeezing my hand until it hurts. You might need to find the right paper so it doesn't get skippy, but it depends on how fast you write.

One problem I always seem to have with Lamy pens is the nibs. After a while they become lose, I try tightening them and cleaning but they still slide around. I have only replaced one, so I am hoping I can tighten it up instead of buying a new nib, because I've hardly been able to use it before it started getting a bit loose.

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May 23, 2013
I love this pen. Of all...
I love this pen. Of all my fountain pens, this one NEVER skips on any paper I've used. It has a larger line than the Pilot Prera EF nib.

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May 23, 2013
I love this pen! It's...
I love this pen! It's smaller than the Kaweco Classic Sport EF. I have had some trouble with the converter easily leaking, but using the Pilot Cartridges proves to be no problem, so I might just use a syringe to fill them up with Carbon Platinum next time.