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This pen is very cool...
April 17, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pen is very cool and I think that it is a great starter fountain pen. I purchased a single with blue-black ink along with some pilot/namiki ink cartridges. My favorite thing about the pen itself is the size of it; 4 inches cap closed and 5.1 inches when writing with cap on end. I do have large hands but have no problems writing with it (again, as long as the cap is on the opposite end when writing).

I also cannot figure out why people say that this pen is so scratchy as I have not had that problem even with the standard ink that it comes with. I also love the fine nib, which probably writes between an .5 mm to .7 mm gel pen (pending because mine writes extra fine but at times seems bolder than usually).

Other than that I have no qualms about this pen. I would purchase this again as an everyday pen :)
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I have to say that this...
April 4, 2014
I have to say that this is a great writing pen especially if you like to write in cursive. This pen is probably one of the smoothest I have ever written with, hands down. There isn't too much to say about it besides the fact that it is "sleek" and very light weight (plastic casing).

This is a great pen but I prefer to use 0.7 mm Jetstream pens as the 0.5 mm is way too fine for my liking; if very fine pens are your thing, look no further. You can't go wrong with the price tag on these either.

I enjoy writing with...
April 4, 2014
I enjoy writing with this pencil a lot; I am a college student who take notes in Anatomy and Physiology, so I have a ton of notes to write in class. This is one of my favorite mechanical pens to write with because the grip is so comfortable (also use 4B lead in it for extra smooth writing).

I am not really one to write with pencils/ pens with a wide circumference such as this but it is indeed so comfortable that I don't mind at all. The fact that it is a shaker is an added bonus (so I don't have to click the top end for more lead, a simple shake and the lead comes out a bit on its own).

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