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Reviews Written by alexandra.mandelis

April 22, 2011
These pens are all you...
Verified Purchase
These pens are all you could wish for in terms of ergonomic and artistic appeal.

In addition to being a pleasure to write with, they are fully erasable.

But these pens are not all-purpose. They are ideal for drafting, marking/highlighting text, writing notes and completing word games. They are not meant to be used as Sharpies or other brands of highlighter.

April 22, 2011
Loving the Petit1 as...
Verified Purchase
Loving the Petit1 as much as I do, I wanted a pen I could use on a regular basis (keeping it in my pocket, whipping it out to take notes at meetings, grabbing it to complete a crossword on the commute home).

The Blue Petit1 Fountain Pen is perfect for these purposes. I hope that Pilot will bring these pens back, or release an even more innovative, miniature fountain pen.

April 22, 2011
Having discovered the...
Verified Purchase
Having discovered the Pilot Petit1 line within the past couple of months, I am posting a review of my favourite colour, Wine Red.

Like all Petit1 pens, the Wine Red Petit1 contains a proprietary (though easily refillable) cartridge, a miniature barrel that is extended by posting the cap of the pen, and a fine nib fountain pen tip.

If you like writing with fountain pens on a regular basis and like a dark red/burgundy colour, then you'll enjoy this pen.