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Reviews Written by reverendnathan

May 2, 2014
JetPens has an excellent...
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JetPens has an excellent write-up on erasers in which the Ain Black is sadly omitted. In it's place, they recommend the Boxy eraser overall. I had a Boxy for years! It's nice and narrow, but overtime that lead to cracking, falling apart, and eventually finishing the eraser's life in a few different solid bits.

Time for a new eraser, and I am surprised how much better this one is! It erases a line with less strokes, leaves behind less strands of dust, seems to be less prone to cracking, and erases more completely.

I honestly don't know what to say about this erasers. I'm honestly blown away. If the Boxy eraser is supposed to be the perfect 5-star piece of rubber, this thing deserves 5-stars and like, I don't know, a gold metal. I don't think it'll be long now before people cop wise and make this one here the gold standard.

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May 2, 2014
I've had a few other...
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I've had a few other pencils of similar pricepoints and found this is a perfect compromise of many aspects. I've had pencils too heavy and found them to strain. I've had pencils with metal grips me too 'sharp' and dig into your skin after writing too long. I've had expensive mechanical pencils absolutely fall apart on me for no apparent reason.

What the 600 is, is a realization of all aspects of making a mechanical pencil great. It's the right weight, it's got the perfect grip, it's sleek, it holds lead well, and it writes a terrific line. I had the pleasure of trying an 800, which is enticing with it's retractable tip, but somehow in it's wider body manages to lose some weight. This throws the whole system out of balance, and surprisingly, after putting good mileage into both, came to prefer this lower-priced 600!

This is the gold standard of pencils that is finally being encroached on by other manufactures as the realization of what a good quality mechanical pencil should be. Some are close, some came flawed, some may in fact be better than the 600-- but this is the one in which all others are measured. If your default writing instrument is a mechanical pencil, this is where to start when seeking writing bliss.

May 2, 2014
Excellent small case...
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Excellent small case with a great overall quality.

The denim material is strong and has not faded. It provides and adequate cushion of protection while still being a slim case. The blue denim against the brown leather has an attractive look, but moreover a very nice feel. For the price, there is a lot of quality here. The zipper pull feels like something really premium; the whole zipper system itself appears like it will end up being very reliable.

Inside, the case is small (as to be expected), but holds my pen, pencil, erasers, leads, architect scale, and pocket knife just fine; there's plenty of room to stuff in a couple of more pens and pencils, too. No real chance of losing anything to the depths of this pouch.

One small gripe, the zipper 'snags' about 1/8th of the way into zipping shut from the sag of the material. This can be overcome by holding it taught with two hands, but it'd be nice if this was engineered a little nicer to where it would always zip gracefully.

Otherwise this is perfect for those who don't wish to pack a whole suite of writing stuff with them on the go; just a case of the basic stuff. In that regard, this is pretty close to perfect for your needs.