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I just got mine inked...
February 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just got mine inked up and it writes just as I expected, wonderful! It looks totally awesome too with the ink inside it.
Got my pencil today!...
February 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
Got my pencil today! It's really a super mechanical pencil. It has a good feel to it, not too heavy but not too light either. The mechanism works like a dream. Fantastic!!!
My pen arrived today...
February 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
My pen arrived today and I've already fallen totally in love! The nib of this pen is most definately finer than my Lamy extra-fine nib. It writes amazingly smooth for such a fine nib. I will be using Noodlers Ink in it as soon as I use the ink that is in the cartridge that came with the pen, but that's just because I am a Noodlers Ink junkie. I LOVE the way this pen looks, feels in my hand and writes. Thank you so much!!!!!
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For anyone looking for...
January 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
For anyone looking for an alternative to using this ink without the pens that came with the bottle I have one for you.

I am using this ink in a Platinum Preppy 03 fountain pen using a cartridge to hold the ink. It is working very well and I don't have to be nervous about accidently unscrewing the body of the pen and dumping the ink all over the place. I use a syringe to fill the cartridge and so far I have had wonderful success with it.

I did have the cap of the Preppy pen that came with my bottle crack and that caused my pen to not be able to maintain the nib moisture level and it was extremely hard to keep writing. Since discovering the crack and swaping caps with the 2nd pen that came in the box there have been no issues and these pens write as soon as the nib touches the paper without fail.

Still LOVE this color, I hope they keep making it!
If you are looking for...
December 3, 2009
Verified Purchase
If you are looking for a rich green that is toward the olive end of the spectrum this is your ink. The best description I've seen of this color is dark moss evergreen. The color sample definately does not do justice at all to this beautiful color. I am using it in a Lamy Al-Star extra fine nib pen and absolutely love the color and the feel of this ink.
I got this pen recently...
November 29, 2009
Verified Purchase
I got this pen recently when I ordered some Noodler's Ink. I thought I'd give one of these a try since it was so reasonably priced for a fountain pen I could experiment with.

I have to say that I am totally amazed by it's quality, both the body of the pen and the extra-fine nib. I have never seen a nib that writes so fine a line. Now I can't wait until I empty this cartridge that came with the pen so that I can put some of the Noodler's Ink I bought in to try those colors out.

Thanks for offering such an excellent pen!
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This is absolutely wonderful...
November 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is absolutely wonderful ink! It arrived in three days all the way across the US which was a total surprise to me. Then when I filled the included fountain pen and started using it I was once again in total shock. The ink looks vaguely purple-blue as it goes onto the paper but the dries quickly to a deep purple that has a different look than the purple with redish tinges you usually get. It dries quickly which is nice and has worked well on every type of paper I've used it on which have ranged from my journal to recycled notebook paper. I was a little skeptical about the fountain pen when I first saw it but it writes with a very nice fine line. The only thing I had to work out was getting the pen started the first few times I used it, but now a few days into using it and it starts immediately and consistently.

In short, order this ink. You won't regret it. The color is beautiful and unique. I sincerely hope that Noodler's Ink can make more of this color and that Jet Pens continues to carry Noodler's Inks the way they are now. They have the best selection of anywhere I have been able to find.

Awesome job folks..... Thank you so much.....
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