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This marker is wonderful....
October 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
This marker is wonderful. I use it to plot novels on my vintage-1960s chalkboard. It's great because I can put my hand on top of what I've already written and as long as it's dry, the marks don't move like normal chalk would. And even when I leave the "ink" on the chalkboard for 3 months, it still erases easily with a couple of swipes of a wet sponge. (It looks like it's ghosting at first, i.e. leaving stains where you wrote, but give it another couple of swipes and that goes away. To erase older marks, I'll generally go over with a large wet sponge first, then use a towel/rag to wipe over the wet, and that clears everything.)

These always write when I need them to; they've never dried up on me like the other brand I've tried (Crafty Croc).

Highly recommended for any of your chalkboard needs.
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I ran across "Event Man,"...
March 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I ran across "Event Man," or Ojisan, when I was in Tokyo last year, and immediately fell in love with him. I bought a 2015 weekly planner (now I wish I'd bought the monthly because it would TOTALLY fit inside my Midori Travelers Notebook...but maybe the awesome JP staff will carry the Ojisan monthly 2016 planner! A girl can hope) and am enjoying it every day. I'd bought the SEAL BOOK and one pack of these stickers while I was over there, and immediately regretted not stocking up. Imagine my delight when I realized that JetPens was once again swooping to the rescue and offering products featuring a character who in the US is completely obscure! JETPENS I LOVE YOU!

Also, these stickers stick well and are fun and adorable. ^_^
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I love this pen - the...
September 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love this pen - the feel is nice and the ink flows well while maintaining a fine line. It would be perfect if it was refillable in blue. I have the 3-color multi-pen but it's a little fat for my hand.
This pen gets two stars...
March 30, 2012
This pen gets two stars for the sleek look, but I've had nothing but bad experiences with this pen.

My two gripes:

1. It's too heavy to write with for more than a quick note - it's like modern-day people equate heft with quality, and fountain pens are luxury items before they're writing instruments. I like to write things out by hand, and I just can't hold this thing up for more than a few minutes without hand fatigue and/or cramps.

2. After about a month of owning this pen, ink started leaking out of places ink should not be, and crusting. It crusted all over the top seam of the nib and the band at the nib-end of the barrel. I separated all the major parts and cleaned them thoroughly, but the leakage/crusting happened again.

I'd send it in for repairs but since it's too heavy and not enjoyable to write with, I don't really see the point. I was really bummed out because I'd heard LAMY pens were supposed to be so amazing, but for me, this one was just an amazing waste of money.

I think maybe someone with bigger/stronger hands than mine would be a better fit for this pen, provided yours doesn't leak/crust like mine.
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I picked this up on a...
December 23, 2011
I picked this up on a drugstore run, but like most other reviewers, I wasn't able to get it to do much at all. I wrote four words with it once, all in a row, but then it just stopped. No amount of shaking, rolling, or nib manipulation got a good inkflow. This pen makes me sad.
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I love this pen, though...
September 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love this pen, though I prefer the blue ink refill to the black. The inkflow is good for a finer-tip ballpoint (tiny hints of skipping but I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it) and it's smooth to write with. This pen is invaluable on the go, I can't sing its praises enough

My only wish is that they'd make this same pen in an "everyday" size, because my hand cramps around something so tiny after writing any more than a quick note in my planner or mini-moleskine. Where is the companion pen that's more user-friendly for an extended period of writing (like at work all day)??! Come on, Pilot!! ^_^
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I bought two of this...
June 18, 2010
Verified Purchase
I bought two of this converter, seemingly exactly the same. One fit in my OHTO FINE fountain pen, the other did not. Not sure why. The one that does fit works beautifully, and luckily, the one that doesn't fit only cost me $1.50.
I love this ballpoint....
March 5, 2010
I love this ballpoint. Love. Comfy to use, with nice inkflow and a clean line.
@tal - one thing I've...
March 1, 2010
@tal - one thing I've learned about Japanese pens is that most of them look cheap as heck, but write like champs. I'm giving the dark blue one a try...I'll review it once I've received and used it!
This pen is so pretty....
October 29, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen is so pretty. But the nib drags, you really have to go slow to get a consistent line, and when you do, the line comes out looking like you watered down the ink to save money. I wouldn't recommend this pen; it's sitting in one of my drawers, useless.
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