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Disclaimer: I have not...
February 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
Disclaimer: I have not used many true brush pens. All of my experience up to now has been Pigma microns or whatever their brush line was and Faber Castell Pitt Pens (Which I still have a crush on).

That said, moving to this pen from the felt brushes was like rediscovering drawing. And this brush is certainly good, or at least not bad. Both the convenience of free flowing ink and the expression of actual bristles.

Oh and the pen it self looks quite spiff.

If you're scared of the price, you can always get the Kuretake no.8, but the no.13 is quite nice, I think. I'm certainly going to be using the heck out of mine.

I might get a black one and put the platinum carbon ink in it just to have one with water (and marker!) proof ink, so I'm not limited to putting down brush strokes after I'm done coloring.

Would buy again.
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I'm probably still high...
February 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm probably still high from just getting my pen. I got a Kuretake no.13, and it's just been an absolute joy to use.

But this is the ink, not the pen.

Personally, I got the pen for art rather than writing, though I've found it fun for that too. At first, I ordered some of the platinum carbon ink because I'd read Kuretake's included ink is not water proof at all. And it isn't! But it was only after placing the order that I realized just how cool it'd be that it wasn't.

And when I tried it out, I was absolutely right. I'm totally awesome.

Make a drawing with the pen, then take another brush (or anything else that can carry and smear around water) and paint using the ink that's already on the paper. Extremely fun. I just wish that Kuretake produced this ink outside of the cartridges, because I think I'd rather use a syringe or a converter, long term.

So it would be 5 stars for being awesome, but it's 4 for coming only in cartridges, not in bottles. (Though I would gladly revise my review if I did find bottles of it.)
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