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I have several Kaweco...
August 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have several Kaweco "Special" instruments and have been looking for this hard to find accessory for some time. I was afraid it might scratch the pen/pencil surface when sliding it on but the excellent construction and deep chrome finish made it possible for a unmarred install. It's a bit ornate but fits perfectly and looks very nice on both the matte black and silver "Special" instruments.
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After comparing this...
August 7, 2014
After comparing this 800+ to my standard 800, I was unable to find any difference except for minor cosmetic changes. The retractable brass tip and the lead feed mechanizms seem identical to me. I think the dual purpose pencil/stylus is a great idea and we'll be seeing more of them. I hope someone was smart enough to allow for a replacement rubber stylus tip. The MSRP for the 800+ is about $10 more than the 800 and I don't think anyone would disagree that both of these are expensive instruments. I mean you could buy a 600 and a Rapid Pro (my two favorites) and have money left over. A point of interest; I think the good old days of those very nice Rotring boxes is coming to and end and we will be seeing more of these fold up triangular shape containers for all of their models.
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I love this 0.5 mm pencil....
March 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this 0.5 mm pencil. I even purchased the Rapid Pro 1.0 mm ball point pen and the 2.0 mm lead holder (all silver). I bought a beautiful leather 3 pen case from Fountain Pen International (New York) and put together, what I believe to be, the ultimate set. For me anyway, the Rapid Pro is the perfect instrument from Rotring.
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