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This pen is a great trade-off,...
July 18, 2014
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This pen is a great trade-off, as any high-functioning/high-end multi pen is, for those of you who don't believe in buying pen packs for 5 bucks and only being able to buy them in one color (at least I don't). The black is pretty think but luscious, and the blue is a very dark sort of blue...Blue-black or navy. I expected it to come out lighter, but I'm fine with this either way. The red was a bit thin, but if you put some effort into writing rather than just having the pen glide along and barely touch the paper, it writes very well and will live up to its 0.5 mm calibration.

What I love about gel inks in general is that I can write in my Moleskine ruled notebook without fear of ink bleeding onto the back-side of the page, which is a consequence of many felt-tip and fountain pens.
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Great pencil for drawing...
August 12, 2012
Great pencil for drawing and relies on pressure to bring out the different values; love that aspect. Great center of gravity and the slim fit in my hand is absolutely wonderful. Best deal for a JetPens drafting pencil.

Be careful with the tip; it damages easily and the metal is very malleable.
The paper is very thin...
June 23, 2012
The paper is very thin and smooth; silky. 5 stars for Mnemosyne. I'm using it as an agenda and I love how the 24 lines on each page are broken up into 3 sections; I don't even need to count off lines and tick-mark anything to get my days straight.
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