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(Note: This review is...
November 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
(Note: This review is not just for the pen body, but for the pen, as a whole.)

This is my new favorite pen, slightly edging out the Pentel Tradio "Fountain" Pen. The Zig Letter Pen is unlike any pen sold here at Jet. Using a hardened fiber point, the ink flow is varied and shades beautifully, as you turn the pen slightly while writing. One is advised to use it with a "light touch", lest you flatten the point.

While Jet lists the Zig Letter Pen in their "calligraphy pen" section, it isn't a true calligraphic pen, in that it doesn't have a tradition flat nib. Instead, it the point is quite sharp, but, by alternating pressure and slightly twisting the pen as you write, you see a great deal of shading and varying line width.

Ink colors are limited, however, I am partial to the sepia, which when used on a beige paper creates an antique quality to one's writing.
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One of my all-time favorite...
October 23, 2010
One of my all-time favorite pens. Many here seemed disappointed that they were unable to vary the line width, but I have never had that problem. The key to making the pen alter widths is, first off, start with a very light touch. If you twist the pen gently while writing, you can create shading and different line width. Most of all, though, I just love the way this pen makes contact with paper. I tend to write quickly, and, as such, rollerballs tend to move too quickly across the page, and I literally "lose control" of them, and my handwriting suffers. Put the fiber-tip used in the Pental Tradio provides a great deal of friction, and, as a result, I end up writing slower, and with much greater control.

I first used this pen when it was marketed in the US as the "Pentel Fountain Pen", which was subsequently discontinued. (I was so disappointed, I actually called the public relations office at Pentel, and an extremely nice woman there went into her boss's private reserve stock, and sent me a half dozen of the pens for free!) The refillable version's has some issues...the clip has a tendency to break, and they refills seem to run out of ink faster than the old disposable kind.

Other than those minor issues, I love this pen.
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This is definitely an...
October 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is definitely an interesting and unique pen. By extending and angling the nib of a traditional fountain pen, the Sailor DE Brush Stroke pen manages the create the same look as "brush and ink", with much greater control. By changing the angle at which the nib touches the paper, you are able to make lines of varying width. Ink flow is good, and surprisingly even, particularly when you are moving the nib quickly across the paper. The pen comes with two cartridges, and no converter.
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