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Reviews Written by egonza14

July 10, 2014
These are the best highlighter...
Verified Purchase
These are the best highlighters on the market. I have tried so many highlighters in my search for the perfect ones, and these are them. I always come back to these highlighters. I tried the Zebra Mildliners, many of the pilot line, many sharpie highlighters, even many different uni highlighters, but these are the best. The Propus window line, in general, will not bleed through the pages, but with these softer colors, the chances of bleed through are even less. The colors are great, especially the reddish-pink, the golden-yellow, and the aqua color. I got the Propus VIEW highlighters before because I loved the way they looked, but those can't hold salt to these.

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July 9, 2014
Okay, I noticed a review...
Verified Purchase
Okay, I noticed a review hadn't been posted for these, so I will take the time out now for you. Lookswise, these highlighters are awesome. They are sure to attract the attention of other eyes, for example classmates. I really, really wanted to love these highlighters, but I can't give it the 5 stars. This highlighter lays down a pretty thick line of ink. The colors are very very vibrant, but my problem with these highlighters is the fact that it puts down a little too much ink, and usually leaves a little show-through on the other side of the page. I noticed when highlighting certain textbooks, typically ones with thicker/glossier paper, these highlighters worked perfectly, but on typical paperback pages, there was significant bleedthrough that left a kind of "wrinkling" to the pages. I am a Jetpens fiend, and I am constantly purchasing products from here, but if you are looking for an ideal highlighter, go for the "uni propus window" version. The colors are all fantastic, and there is absolutely no bleedthrough.

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January 4, 2014
This is the best multi...
Verified Purchase
This is the best multi pen I have picked up in ages. It has put all of my coletos to shame. I bought this one because I felt the coletos looked clunky and a little cheesy. The Meister looked like a classier upgrade, and I have had very good experiences with signo Dx ink in the past, so I gave it a try. For optimal smoothness I recommend the 0.5mm ink refills. They write like a dream, and in my opinion are much smoother than the hi-tec-c coleto inks. No skipping or bleeding or running the pen to get the ink to start. Not the same experience I have had with coletos. On to the pen. The pen is all metal and smooth. It's a little thinner than what I'm used to, but that's fine. I had read a lot of negative feedback about the window for inks and people complaining about how it takes away from the look of the pen and is not functional or useful. NOT SO. The window is very useful. The clip of the Meister pen points at the ink cartridge that is currently in use and will line up perfectly with it. The clip is not just a clip but an INDICATOR of Ink choice. So to the naysayers, I hope that you can use the window properly now. Overall I love the Meister, and will definitely pick up another one or two. Probably the gunmetal gray and mint green.

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December 27, 2013
This refill is so smooth!!...
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This refill is so smooth!! I think it writes smoother than the regular hi-tec-c refills. Very pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to use this and the other colors next semester. It puts down just the right sized line for me. I use kokuyo notebooks and I have noted the smooth writing performance of these refills. I think the 0.3 is where you would venture into "scratchy" territory and that the 0.4 is the better choice.

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December 26, 2013
I usually hate multi-pens...
Verified Purchase
I usually hate multi-pens because of their grip size. They come off as bulky and clumsy to me. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coleto. The grip is actually pretty slim for a multi-pen. I love having the 4 color option, which becomes very customizable if you get the 10 color cartridge set with it. I have found that the coleto refills seem smoother than the regular hi-tec-c refills. The pen looks very sleek. Overall, great to write with, great to look at. You can't go wrong.

I use a blue-black, orange, red, and green combo. Just wanted to throw that in there lol.

September 24, 2013
Pen is awesome! The emerald...
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Pen is awesome! The emerald ink is the same color as the green used in the vision elite lines, which I loved having in gel. The pen glides across the paper, and the color is just awesome!

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September 23, 2013
Okay, I usually shy away...
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Okay, I usually shy away from 0.5mm tip pens, and prefer something along the lines of 0.7 or 0.8. I find that 0.5mm pens are too scratchy and just make for an awful writing experience. My problem is I like blue/black. So I gave this pen a try, and I am now proud to say it is my pen of choice. Their is no scratchiness too this pen at all and the pen just seems to glide across the paper. Even when I am writing in script very quickly. Which has not been my experience with pens such as the vision elite 0.5. It's awesome and the blue/black ink is just classy.

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