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Reviews Written by bobbobbobbob0987654321

November 17, 2012
i really like this pencil,...
i really like this pencil, it feels good in my hand and isnt as fat as the normal alpha gel, the grip is still good although not as squishy as the original. the kuru toga feature is amazing also

November 17, 2012
the pencil is pretty...
the pencil is pretty good. the grip is squishy and takes some time to break it in. im not a fan of at pencils, but this one is okay. the precision of this writing is alright, but i prefer a kuru toga over this pencil

November 17, 2012
i love this lead. its...
i love this lead. its very strong and it writes smoothly and crisply. i like it over the ain stein because it is crisper than the ain stein, but if u like ur lead smooth, then i suggest getting the ain stein lead

November 17, 2012
the lead is very strong...
the lead is very strong but writes really smoothly, i prefer the nano dia because it feels crisper while writing, it all depends on if u like the lead crisper or smoother

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November 17, 2012
the pencil is heavily...
the pencil is heavily weighted on the tip and feels good in the hand. it is a little heavy and is not meant for a lot of writing. it has a tendency to break the lead inside the pencil though, but the color looks fantastic

November 17, 2012
i like the feel of this...
i like the feel of this pencil, it glides on the paper and feels amazing in my hand. the slick grip is pretty comfortable but can get slippery. i love the color combination of blck and silver. definatly a great buy

November 17, 2012
i like this eraser better...
i like this eraser better than the mono one because it is practical for actually erasing and precision erasing. the eraser is good and lasts quite a while. the refils are priced correctly and was a great deal

November 17, 2012
it is a lot bigger than...
it is a lot bigger than it seems, and its very good at erasing, but it runs out quickly. it is harder than the boxy and feels a little "scratchy" on the paper.

November 17, 2012
a little big, its pretty...
a little big, its pretty good at erasing and is harder than the other ain erasers. it doesnt last as long as the blue one though, and i prefer the boxy over this

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November 17, 2012
the eraser is a very...
the eraser is a very good eraser for erasing. it doesnt gather dust, but it lasts a really long time. However it is a little big and feels awkward in the hand.