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Reviews Written by bobbobbobbob0987654321

November 17, 2012
really cool eraser, however...
really cool eraser, however a lot smaller than i anticipated, its very good but it doesn't start gathering the shavings until its rounded. the eraser fits well in my hands and lasts pretty long

November 17, 2012
really cool pencil case...
really cool pencil case however the pocket in front of the flap doesn't really have a purpose for me, it can get disorganized if you dont sort it well but it holds a bunch of stuff

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November 17, 2012
the black color is nice...
the black color is nice and the pencil bag holds a bunch of stuff. it keeps me more organized than the pe-09 but it doesnt hold as much stuff, also the shape is unique

November 17, 2012
i have both the silver...
i have both the silver one and black one, both work very well and the mechanism works. the black one looks a little to black and i prefer the silver one. The balance is amazing and the knurled grip is nice, but i wish it came in the colors of the high grade, i like the silver grip and black body :)