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Reviews Written by rsk996

January 14, 2014
Good eraser, good price...
Good eraser, good price BUT! The erasers dont fit. You have to shave them down a bit to get them to fit. I bought 2 packs and all of the erasers in them didnt fit.

October 13, 2013
A very nice, deep black...
Verified Purchase
A very nice, deep black with good flow. It also dries comparatively quick to other bottled inks.

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October 11, 2013
Writes smooth and looks...
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Writes smooth and looks great. NOTE: Make sure you know what nib size to get. I have smaller handwriting and i found the fine nib to be tooooo large. Dont be afraid to go extra fine ESPECIALLY IF YOU DONT WRITE IN CURSIVE AND YOU WRITE ON COLLEGE RULED PAPER; you will find the flow and size to be too overwhelming and you will get ugly looking writing. I made this mistake and now i have to spend 10$ on a ef nib. Also, some advice, if you do get a converter, waterman has the best ink at a great price

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October 11, 2013
This pencil was a letdown....
This pencil was a letdown. The build quality is pretty bad and there are some aesthetic miscues with the white clip and eraser cap. The eraser is not practical; its extremely small and when you erase, there is too much give with the shaft mechanic (i'm not sure if that's what its referred to). Also, its not very comfortable to write with; no grip. BUT, the actual lead rotation mechanic works perfectly and does what it advertises...but i don't think its enough to make someone want to buy this. I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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