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Very happy and impressed...
May 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
Very happy and impressed with the Rotring 600 lead holder. Does the job it's designed for and does it very well. there are lots of metal lead holders out there, and i own a fair few, but this is possibly the nicest of my collection. it's no nonsense straightforward approach, makes it a tool i reach for everyday. it's fairly light weight, but feels solid and well balanced. the clutch holds the lead in place, and does not allow for any spinning as some can do. the knurled grip which appears rather rough in the photos ( which was the reason i hesitated ordering it sooner) is in fact very comfortable to hold. not at all harsh, and has a enough grip to prevent slippage without making the drawing experience uncomfortable in any way. has a satin black finish and fits into a standard rotary lead pointer.Will a lead holder of lesser price do the job as well as this one does? absolutely, but if you want one that is solid, well balanced, and just looks pretty darn cool, you might want to give the Rotring 600 a try.
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I haven't had any issues...
April 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
I haven't had any issues with the clip marring the pencils body. It functions well, looks nice, and has a clean and so far durable finish on the body. This thing is really heavy though. be prepared. heavy and the smooth body really offers no grip, not that it slips out of your hand, but offers an odd feeling in your fingers as you hold it. it also suffers from the same issue mechanical lead holders seem to have, the mechanism within the body is free floating, so it has a tendency to spin the lead and the clip when you try and sharpen it with a uni or kum lead pointer. I've had other older mechanical lead pointers that held the lead in place without any problems, but all these modern designs don't seem to address that issue. strange considering how it's the most basic of dilemmas that should be addressed. overall it's a nice pencil that functions well, but you should take into consideration the weight and no grip of the body when making your purchase.
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a very smooth soft lead....
March 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
a very smooth soft lead. very consistent from one piece to the next. this has become my go to lead. a joy to draw with.
Yet another lead holder...
March 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
Yet another lead holder that doesn't fit a standard rotary lead pointer. it's a nice pencil, the knurled grip isn't as harsh as the 600, has nice weight to it, and it looks nice. those are it's good points, but the bad points seem to outweigh the good. the the interior is plastic. everything inside the pencil except for the jaws are plastic. the male threads that hold the knurled grip to the body are plastic, and that's never good, especially for the price of the pencil. the pencil isn't very responsive, has a harsh click that scraps the body as you advance the lead. the jaws that hold the lead in place seem weak. i placed the pencil in a pierce electric lead pointer and the lead itself would just spin. the jaws don't provide the hold needed to sharpen the pencil. if we look at the staedtler 925, ( which doesn't fit into a rotary lead pointer either ) it does the same job this one does, but a lot better, and for a lot less. all the components are brass, no plastic in the assembly, has a strong clutch and operates very smoothly when advancing the lead. you would think that the rotring would do a much better job considering it's price, but unfortunately it doesn't . unless you want to just buy this piece to add to a collection, i say pass this one by, and jet pens, you should really buy one standard rotary lead pointer at an art store, and test the pencils to make sure they fit before telling your customers that they do.
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worth the money? not...
March 18, 2012
worth the money? not sure. I purchased the Kaweco special a week ago from another supplier and have some time using it. don't get me wrong, it's a nice lead holder, and functions just as intended. It has nice weight to it, balanced and looks sleek. like a caran dache fixpencils older brother. the issue i have with it is it's size. it's about as thick as a platinum pro-use II which works great for a mechanical pencil, but not so great for a lead holder. trying to sharpen it can be a chore. you'll have to push out a lot of lead in order to use a standard rotary lead pointer, and you have to be extremely carefully not to snap your lead as you sharpen because of how far you have to extend the lead in order to reach the blades. you can give the tiny uni lead pointer a try, but that thing is more of a novelty than a reliable sharpening tool. this might not be a deterring factor for some, but if your an artist, you want to be focused on what your drawing, and not on trying to sharpen your pencil. Ive found myself distracted and taking time away from my work simply trying to sharpen this thing.

I'll say it again, it's a nice pencil, sleek balanced and comfortable, but all that doesn't matter much when it can be a chore to use. if you like a larger sized lead holder, then this might be the one for you. if your looking for a nice balanced lead holder you can reach for and sharpen without thinking about, then you might want pass this one by and look at another model. i'll be trying the rotring rapid pro next, which jet pens assures me will fit into a standard rotary lead pointer. i'll have to wait and see for myself once it arrives.
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i've owned several of...
August 19, 2011
i've owned several of these over the years, mainly because there weren't many choices around. the design remains unchanged, and it does work as it's supposed to. the problem with this pencil is the knurled grip. it is abrasive, extremely so. it definitely hurts your fingers after using it for awhile. It's also readily available at most art stores here in the states, so you might want to try out one of the other pencils jetpens has available before purchasing this one.
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copic markers may seem...
June 3, 2011
copic markers may seem overpriced, but when you break it down, they're really economical. the initial investment is always a bit high if you buy the sets, but when you add the refills and replaceable nibs into the equation, you start to see that you save some money in the long run. I use copic for my work. have sets of the greys and colors. when i run out of ink, i just reach for a refill and i'm ready to keep working. the refills cost about 5 dollars each, but you can refill a copic anywhere between 5-7 times with a single bottle of various refill. you might think that it makes more sense to buy a cheaper marker, but what sets copics apart from their competitors is how saturated they are. you can blend them into each other because they're so wet. that leads to a uniform coat and less streaking as happens with most other markers. I'm hoping jet pens will begin carrying refills and nibs for the original copics. that will make them a one stop shop for anyone using copics on a daily basis.
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after a few weeks of...
May 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
after a few weeks of use i think it's best to redo the review.
the good:
I still really like the body shape and the way your fingers fall into the flat grip comfortably. like this pencil so much , that i own three.
now for the bad part:
manufacturing seems very inconsistent. even contacted lamy use regarding some of the issues and their reply is " oh...i'll talk to my pen tech" there is a lot of play in the guide pipe, more precisely in the lead itself. the bushing that should be in the pipe to secure the lead is wider than it should be, and that allows the lead to move around too much within the guide pipe. the yellow safari i use is perfect. no problems so far, but my red one had a lot of play. the problem became worse the more i used it. to the point where the lead was no longer being held in place, every click would let the lead fall out completely. ordered a blue one and the problem was not as severe but still there. I have to point out that this is in no way jetpens fault and they were as helpful as always regarding problems with the merchandise, and it's replacement. I'll still use the safaris, for me the comfort is hard to match, and thats enough for me to overlook some serious design flaws, but at the price, you may want to carefully think it over before buying one.
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wasn't sure how this...
February 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
wasn't sure how this particular pencil would work out, but it's great. Interesting grip, triangular, provides a comfortable hold. there are no grooves or a knurled grip, or anything that would prevent slippage, but i have not had any issues with that.
Keep in mind though that it is plastic and if your hand sweats a lot, then this might not be the best choice. that said, the plastic does not feel cheap in any way. there is one seam going down the side where the piece was molded together, but is very smooth. sliding sleeve is a plus, although i have noticed from time to time that the sleeve doesn't extend completely, but that has not affected it's performance.
the eraser is small, as are most mechanical pencil erasers, and it's a little tricky to take out, I have to get a firm grip on the eraser itself just to pull it out. Makes me wonder how tough it would be to remove with a worn down eraser. on the plus side though, at least it's not going to slide out on its own.
Overall it's a nice pencil. With assorted colors and a really nice finish, it makes it a nice addition to any collection, or artist tool
Ink works great, I haven't...
October 21, 2010
Verified Purchase
Ink works great, I haven't run into any problems with it. it provides good coverage and goes on smooth. It dries very quickly and I have had no issues with smudging. Best of all it works with copic markers. I prefer working with a brush, but inks just didn't seem to get along with alcohol based markers, so i had to rely on just a pen. with the kaimei ink i'm able to use a brush on all my commission work, and not have to worry about the line bleeding once i hit the piece with the copics.
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