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Pilot FriXion Biz Point 04 Erasable Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Metallic Blue Body - Black Ink - PILOT LF-2SP4-ML
  Excellent pen. It writes..., May 5, 2011
Excellent pen. It writes well and erases even better. Can't believe they did it with such a fine point.
Pilot Delful Double Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black & Green - PILOT HDF-50R-BG
  Excellent pencil!! I..., November 5, 2010
Excellent pencil!! I enjoy writing with it and it looks great. I normally use 0.7 or 0.9 so I think I will need to order some harder leads. Or they could make a 0.7 and 0.9 versions!
Platinum Pro-Use Ballpoint Pen - 1.0 mm - PLATINUM BSD-1500C
  A very nice pen. It feels..., July 23, 2010
A very nice pen. It feels very good in your hand even though it does not have a gel type grip. The ribbed metal grip actually feels soft (somehow) and the 1.0 writes very smooth. Looking for the blue gel ink to match the color trim on it.
Platinum Pro-Use II 07 Drafting Pencil - 0.7 mm - PLATINUM MSD-1500C
  Bought it and a pen version..., July 23, 2010
Bought it and a pen version also. Has a very nice feel especially for a non gel type grip. Somehow the barrel feels soft to me, weird in a good way. I am hoping they will come out with a 0.9.
Pentel Tradio Pulaman Fountain Pen - Black Body - Black Ink - PENTEL TRJ50-A
  Read the reviews and..., July 20, 2010
Read the reviews and took a shot, I like it, it is different but fun to write with. I'd love to buy an all metal one if I could find it. It also keeps coming unscrewed so I am going to buy a gasket for it eventually and that is why it loses a star.
Ohto Orca Ceramic Roller Ball Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Cap - OHTO CB-10RC BLUE
  This is a very nice pen..., April 1, 2010
This is a very nice pen that writes extremely smooth, sometimes maybe too smooth. I do have a slight issue with the cap as it sometimes come loose when I twirl the pen in my hand (nervous tick). One of my favorite pens still.
Ohto Super Promecha 1500P Drafting Pencil - 0.9 mm - OHTO PM-1509P
  I really like this pencil...., March 25, 2010
I really like this pencil. It feels very good in the hand and writes very well. I did not like the eraser assembly that much though, kinda cheap for such a pricey pencil. I rarely use erasers on pencils like this so not that big of a deal.
Zebra nuSpiral CC Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Light Blue Grip - ZEBRA BA-51-CLB
  Very nice pen, my wife..., March 25, 2010
Very nice pen, my wife made me order her 2 of them! The grip and feel is very good and I agree, it is not as smooth as I expected which actually makes it easier for me to write with.
Pentel ERGoNoMiX WingGrip Mechanical Pencil - Limited Edition Brass Clip - 0.5 mm - Clear Blue Body - PENTEL XPR805TC
  This is a very good pencil...., December 4, 2009
This is a very good pencil. The winggrip doesn't seem to fit my hand so well but maybe I am doing it wrong? I probably won't buy it again (better pencils are available) but I am not disappointed I bought it.
Uni Kuru Toga High Grade Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body - UNI M510121P.33
  Great pencil. Nod has..., December 4, 2009
Great pencil. Nod has to go to the Pentel Graphgear in head to head but I bought 2 of these and 1 for my brother-in-law. The auto rotation for me makes a difference and the grip is great also.
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