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Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Marker Pen - 0.4 mm - Black - STABILO 88-46
  i write a lot as a student..., January 28, 2014
i write a lot as a student and i like to have options. i enjoy using this pen because i use printer paper for notes sometimes. it has a nice thick black line and the hexagonal barrel is enjoyable in your hand. its a long pen so that adds to the experience when using it to write
Sun-Star Knock Free Sharp Mechanical Pencil - 0.7 mm - Light Blue - SUN-STAR S4446950
  i like how his pencil..., January 28, 2014
i like how his pencil writes and how lightweight it is but its a real pain in the ass to refill with lead. i can write quickly and let the lead go way down before i need to tap the tip to get more out or whatever. i usually cant do that with other pencils because the metal will scratch the paper and thats bad. overall, a cool pencil that you can write and drag the graphite less tip across and not tear your paper with.
A.G. Spalding & Bros Aluminum Dot Accent Front Weighted Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Gray Dots - RAYMAY BRM118 N
  i didnt like this pencil..., January 28, 2014
i didnt like this pencil as much as i thought i would. i drunk shop a lot, so i think that i thought that the black painted on squares were rubber grips. for me, its a hard pencil to grip because the finish is matte and thicker than the rest of the pencil where you put your fingers. im pretty convinced that i hate the grip on this pencil. the hexagonal shaped pen would probably be better if they made this pencil in the hexagonal shape, and maybe with something to grip it with. the finish is just too smooth
Pentel Sliccies 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Limited Edition Pearl Accessory - Magenta - PENTEL BG3PA4
  i did like this pen...., January 28, 2014
i did like this pen. i had it, then i seemed to lose it over winter break.nooo. i probably put it in my coat pocket then it rolled out somewhere.

anyways, it is thinner than most/all multipens. its like the size of a regular pen yet has four inks inside. wow

i felt like it could use a grip. i could probably fit one on, unlike the bulkier multipens i have that lack grips. it reminded me a lot of the hitec-c. maybe this is the version little girls and boys would get before they were ready to handle a really good pen. im basically saying to not waste steak on children, they cant appreciate it. they can have chicken aka the slicci pen. which is in of itself, pretty good too; but not as good as the hitecc
Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Turquoise Blue Body - Black Ink - ZEBRA BN11-TB
  it seemed like a normal..., January 28, 2014
it seemed like a normal ballpoint pen to me. i thought id get something more gel like.
Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen - Broad - PILOT MNA-12MB
  this pen is very very..., January 28, 2014
this pen is very very inky. a lot of ink come out, but thats a good thing. i feel that it has a strong chemical smell, like sharpies; so i try to use it in small intervals. i use this to write my headings on my notes to make them more visible. it would be really good for artists who want to put down a really thick inky looking line or two.
Platinum Pro-Use 03 Black Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - PLATINUM MSD-500A
  this is one of my all-time..., January 28, 2014
this is one of my all-time favorite pencils. it has a gritty rolling feeling when using it. i think i hear it shaking sometimes too. i like it, whatever you guys. the clip does get annoying sometimes. i do like this one better than the silver no grip one. it also has a good weight unlike the silver one.
Platinum Pro-Use Original 03 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - Silver Body - PLATINUM MSD-300A
  its a decent pencil...., January 28, 2014
its a decent pencil. i preferred the black pro use with black grip to this one. it has the same enjoyable rolling feeling that the other has which comes from using 0.3 leads. i felt like i couldnt press down as hard with this one as i do with my black one.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumio 4 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen Body Component - Black - PILOT LHKCL-1SC-B
  i didn pay attention..., January 28, 2014
i didn pay attention very well when i bought this pen. It really doesnt have a grip. the matte finish makes it harder to grip on top of not having a grip. i felt like the ink refills were pleasant to use. it was nice to have so many colors in one pen
Pentel Graphlet Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - PENTEL PG505-AD
  this is one of my favorites...., January 28, 2014
this is one of my favorites. it isnt too heavy and its not too thick. the grip isnt all soft, there isnt one. the window startles me sometimes when i absentmindedly run my hand over it.
1 to 10 (of 17 ) 1 2