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Reviews Written by kdoblinger

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Parker IM Fountain Pen with Gold Trim - Medium Nib - Black - SANFORD 1760800
  I just recently dug out..., March 3, 2014
I just recently dug out my 30 year old Parker 25 and much to my surprise, it worked wonderfully, even with ink dried up in the pen (I did soak it in water overnight). And then I stumbled onto the Parker IM and decided it was time for another Parker in my collection (and at that price, you can't really go wrong).

And I am pleasantly surprised by the heft and quality of this low-cost Parker pen. Writes very smooth, looks very elegant and appears to be a high quality product. I am pleased to recommend to anyone looking for a classy pen without breaking the bank.
Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Clear Body - PILOT P-FP-50R-NC-EF
  This is an absolutely..., March 3, 2014
This is an absolutely amazing pen. By FAR the thinnest line of any of my pens - exquisite! Good ink flow (I am using Noodlers Black Eel and now Diamine Burnt Sienna). Super nice pen.

Some people don't seem to care for the very small screw type cap, and maybe I am just used to this setup by now (which is the same in the Plumix), but I think it adds to the distinctiveness of this pen.

However, I also have several Pilot Metropolitan pens, and as you may know, they are ONLY available with a medium nib. But the Metropolitan, the Penmanship and the Plumix share the same size nibs, so I turned my Penmanship into a donor pen for my Metropolitan (and of course, planted the M nib from the Metro on the Penmanship).

Awesome product.

Parker Quink Fountain Pen Ink - 2 oz Bottle - Permanent - Blue Black - SANFORD 3007100
  Very happy with my purchase...., March 3, 2014
Very happy with my purchase. This is a very dark ink and looks very elegant on paper. Seems to dry fairly quickly, has good flow and the price is right. Will certainly buy again.
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Taupe Lizard Body - PILOT 91136
  I absolutely love Pilot..., January 20, 2014
I absolutely love Pilot Metropolitans. You can call them an entry level pen all you want, this fountain pen is AWESOME and for fifteen bucks, frankly, a steal.

Taupe (like a bronze, or even gun-metal with gold mixed in) is a very elegant color and way less boring than black (don't get me wrong, I also like black, but everybody offers black).

But my favorite part is that I can just grab a Pilot Plumix or Pilot Penmenship, swap nibs and turn this into an italic or EF nib pen (and, if you take the Metro nib and put it back on the donor pen, you now have TWO pens).
Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen - Medium Flat Italic Nib - Black Body - PILOT 90040
  This pen is getting 5..., January 20, 2014
This pen is getting 5 stars from me for two reasons. First, it is an awesome pen in it's own right, typical (excellent) Pilot quality for writing super smooth and two, the Plumix is a very happy nib donor for upgrading a Pilot Metropolitan to an italic nib (and when you take the medium nib from the Metro and put it on the Plumix, you have a very lovely, medium nib pen too).

To the people who had issues with this pen, try with a different ink. Not all inks are the same and you just have to try and find what works best and what you like. I for one absolutely love that pen and for under 8 bucks, how can you lose?

Also, the Pilot Penmenship with the EF nib is also a great and inexpensive way to upgrade a Metro to EF. ;)
Uni Style Fit Meister 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Gun Metal Gray - UNI UE3H1008.43
  I really wanted this..., January 10, 2014
I really wanted this pen to be five stars. It does look gorgeous in gun metal gray, very stylish and quite impressive. I also totally love the way the Style Fit refills write (I am particularly fond on the 0.5mm Black/Brown) and I love the fact that I can combine different line width, gel and ballpoints and I can even get over the fact that you really cannot see the ink color or how much ink you have left through the little window as the other reviewer remarked. With only three colors, I can remember what to expect at each position.

I do wish that the "neutral" would be a bit more pronounced, maybe give it is's own "stop", as right now it kind of just hovers between either two color selections.

And while the Style Fit refills typically don't last very long, that is absolutely NO problem with this pen because you can't actually use it to write with. The grip is simply to slippery (if you want to replicate the feel, grab your most slippery pen, cover your hands with liberal amounts of hand lotion and give it a try - actually, you will probably have a better grip). One reviewer remarked he added some sleeve, I am just not sure if I would like the look. I will try to find a jeweler and try to see if I can get some ridges engraved, so I can actually use the pen, although it will probably cost me more than the pen itself. Maybe I'll use glue. :-(

Uni, if you read this, please fix this glaring mistake. Thank you in advance.
Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Blue Black - PILOT SPN-20F-BB
  I bought this pen for..., November 28, 2013
I bought this pen for laughs, just wanted to see what you get for the price. Imagine my surprise when I found out that this little thing is a quite capable and useful fountain pen. I have left it untouched for two weeks and when I used again, wrote on first try, not even a hint of drying out (wish I could say that about my Parker).

Value for money: 5 stars
Fun value: 5 stars
Usability: 5 stars
Portability: 5 stars

Same goes for the Petit Sign Pen.
Uni Style Fit Single Color Slim Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Brown Black - UNI UMN13905.22
  For all intents and purposes,..., November 28, 2013
For all intents and purposes, this is a 5 star pen if you purchase WITH a refill. The incredible speed with which this pen runs out of ink almost made me select only 4 stars.

I absolutely love the color, the size and feel of this pen and the way it writes. I carry a selection of 0.28, 0.38 and 0.5mm Uni Style Fit pens with me and if you need something with super fine lines and you demand smoothness, look no further than the Uni Style Fit line.

The Brown/Black color looks very nice and elegant on the page and I just love the super slim design of the pen itself. I also like the conical design of the tip, those needle point pens always worry me to get the tip stuck someplace and they just don't seem to be as smooth. Also have the Blue/Black and plan on getting a few more colors as well as one or more of the Style Fit multi pen models. I know Jetpens is worried, I have not ordered in over a month. :)
Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Dark Black Body - Black Ink - ZEBRA BNS11-DBK
  I was very excited when..., November 27, 2013
I was very excited when I ordered this pen. Just look at the description, "breakthrough" and "emulsion ink smoother than low friction ballpoints". That HAS to be a great pen.

But it arrived at the same time as a selection of Jetstream pens and frankly, I was disappointed. Heck, I hated this pen.

But then I picked it up again and started to use it and it actually grew on me. Maybe I was to harsh in my judgement out of the box, yes, this is a decent pen, just does not measure up to the hype. However, the 0.5mm is more like a 0.3mm - it is very thin indeed and the black is not as dark as the Jetstream 0.38mm.
Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen - 0.38 mm - Blue Ink - Black Body - UNI SXN15038 .33
  This is by far one of..., November 27, 2013
This is by far one of the best thin line ballpoint pens I have ever used. Exceptionally smooth, no skipping or clumping and for my taste, best ergonomics of any pen. If I was sent on an island and I could bring only one pen, this would be it.

I usually pair this 0.38mm pen with the 0.7mm Jetstream for my section headers and the 0.38 for the text. Looks awesome on the page.
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