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Being able to take them...
May 21, 2014
Being able to take them apart is by design and for a purpose. They're erasers, they're cute, but they are puzzle too! Read the package -what you could read- and you'll see written in plain English "Puzzle." So, more than erasers, they're toys and my daughter has had plenty of fun -with a different set- placing a pig's head on a cow's body, etc. and then back together the way they're supposed to be to finish up the fun session. I'll buy other sets for her.
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As many of you, I don't...
May 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
As many of you, I don't write reviews. So, I guess I'm a bit excited about this pen to feel like writing one now. Possibly too soon since I just got it last night.

I was hesitant to get it at first because of some of the issues mentioned by others and also not expecting much of it because of its cheap price/appearance. But because I've been searching for that EF nib that would lay thinner lines than the Germans' EF, I went for it with a "It-wouldn't happen-to-me" confidence.

I inserted the cartridge that came with it without paying attention to their instruction that recommended inserting it with the nib pointing up. What the heck! What difference would it make? I don't know if it made a difference but the pen refused to work and after a while the idea of the occasional "lemon" that others had mentioned crossed my mind.

I restrained myself from using forceful methods to make it work. Not pressing down, bending of the nib, no blades and no pin tips on the channel for me. All those would have defeated the purpose of getting a nice EF.

But I did the following and worked: I placed the nib under the running faucet to get the mantle(?) wet. I guess dipping the nib in water would had worked as well. Then I rubbed the channel side of the nib against a paper towel/napkin to absorb the water and in the process pull the ink in by capillary action. I kept touching it until the ink started to stain the napkin. After that, and after scribing a little, the ink went full strength and this pen has ben delightful. Amazing.

Together with it, I also bought a Tachikawa fine nib -which recommends inserting the cartridge upside down- and it turned out to lay lines even thinner than this Pilot Penmanship. I cannot imagine what their EF would do. But this one skips a bit. Maybe after some use it would get smother.

Essentially, I've found the EF nib that I wanted for drawing/sketching and at a great price.
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