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Refills also fit Zebra...
June 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
Refills also fit Zebra Sarasa Stick and Sarasa Clip retractable pen bodies, if you gently remove the small plastic thing at the end of the refill. Unfortunately I've had two Signo Bit pen bodies crack where the body screws together. I could not fix it with glue or tape, but the refill was brand-new (and I luv the Bit!) so I tried to fit it in many different old pen bodies. I did notice the ink dry&scratchy when I used a Sarasa Clip body because this type of pen is meant to be protected by a cap when not in use, but the Clip is retractable, no cap.

YMMV, good luck :)
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Being a fan of pretty...
May 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
Being a fan of pretty colors, i went ahead and bought every single Juice pen in every color and tip size. Well YOU may learn from my impulsiveness... Juice pens are juuuuust barely worth the price point. The pretty colors are their only saving grace..hence four stars instead of three (but that was a tough decision, I really give a 3.5). Unfortunately, of all the 0.5mm, about 6 of the pens (including the lovely colors Aqua, Rose Pink, and Violet) started leaking and globbing after two days. I treat my pens with great care-even the cheapest ones! And I never tap, shake, or intentionally drop them... so I can't think of a reason they'd have started leaking. The only way to halt the leak is to store the pen tip-up...but I like to keep them in a cute little pen case or repurposed makeup bag, there's literally NO MORE room on my desk for all of my pens (I love u Jetpens!) So, buy Juice if you like the form factor of Zebra Sarasa Clip, because they're nearly identical and Juice has wayyyy more colors than Sarasa Clip, but the quality is less than Sarasa's (I believe another reviewer reccommends Sarasa Clip over Juice, and I have to agree....but as long as we're comparing, Uni UM-151 just slays any Pilot or Zebra gel pen I've ever tried!)
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If you like the fineness...
May 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
If you like the fineness of your 0.5 Jetstream, give the thinner 0.38mm a try. I love this new Jetstream in 0.38mm. It writes smoothly and you can write SO TINY, even smaller than the .5 (well, duh) and there's none of the "false starts" skipping when your first mark to paper is a tiny mark. And omg! I already lost mine that I bought two weeks ago, probably to a co-worker--so I just bought several more of these in 0.38mm! Also note that blue & black refills are available now in 0.38mm, so you can customize your Jetstreams, match the sky blue pen body to blue ink, for example...that's what I'm doing. :)
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The reviewer saying these...
February 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
The reviewer saying these are exactly the same as Glaze pens is almost correct. The tip size is the same, but the ink colors are more saturated. Some are darker than Glaze (blue, yellow) and some are brighter (green, pink) while orange is just about the same shade. The difference is just enough that if you start a project with Glaze pens and then switch to AquaLip, the switch will be very noticeable. But you could go ahead & treat these Aqualip pens as different colors (even tho the pen caps are the same color so you should mark them w/a sticker or something), then you can enjoy even more varied colors!
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Its a bit lighter than...
November 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Its a bit lighter than I expected; I guessed it would be a brighter pink--like the color of the label, or like the color of the Hi-Tec C gel pen also called Baby Pink. But I was not disappointed! Baby Pink is a nice soft pastel pink, not bright enough to be a hilighter, but certainly dark enough to be readable. Mind you, I put these Baby Pink cartriges in my Parallel Pens and a Plumix, but I didn't try it (yet) in any of the Petit series pens.

I recommend this Baby Pink ink to anyone who likes the color pink, because it is a very soft & pretty color that I haven't seen in a cartridge or liquid ink before.
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Amazing quality, beautiful...
September 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Amazing quality, beautiful notebook! I have wanted a Rhodia Webnotebook ever since they came out w/the lined version many years ago, but I held out for the dot grid version....and wouldn't you know, they made one last year, and Jetpens carries it!!!! ^_^ yayyyy!
The Webnotebooks sold by Jetpens are the "3.0 version" with 90 gsm Clairefontaine ivory paper that accepts broad gel pens & fountain pens with NO bleeding or feathering (you CAN write on both sides of each page!), lies flat when open, & does NOT have the distracting Rhodia logo on the bottom corner of every page.
And if you use the 40% off coupon, or you buy the two-pack, Jetpens actually has the lowest price online.
If you like the "little black book" feeling of pocket Moleskines and the "art-journally" feel of those cool black hardbound sketchbooks, PLEASE grab yourself a Webnotebook and enter the world of grown-up journals :) because after I unwrapped my two dotgrid Webbies from Jetpens (one black + one orange, of course), I immediately gave away my remaining unused Moleskines and Piccadillies, because YES, Rhodia's Webnotebook IS just...galaxies away from those silly little Molies/Molie clones & their wafer-thin pages that feather/bleed & their weird oily moleskine covers that smell like chemicals. (P.s. then I came right back to Jetpens and got two of the bigger lined Webnotebooks plus a smaller size lined notebook-and I'm sure I'll be getting a couple blanks sometime soon).
The only reason I would ever hesitate to recommend the Webbies is if ivory paper isn't your thing...if you prefer bright white, then you may not *love* Webnotebooks. Jetpens has a pic of the ivory pages; if you look at the large blank Webnotebook with the black cover, you can see that the pages are ivory/off-white. To me, they are just lovely & it adds a little character to all of my various colors of ink; ink purist-types may prefer absolute white pages to experience the "true color" of their inks...to each his own!
But if you're already using a Moleskine-type journal with off-white pages, you only *think* you're happy.... For the same price, you could upgrade to a Rhodia Webnotebook and experience true luxury.
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To update my previous...
September 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
To update my previous review: the 2nd pen I received is much better! It wrote perfectly right away, in a lovely fluorescent pink color that is consistently smooth & bright, and not scratchy at all.
If you like pink pens, give this one a try :)
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I probably got a dud,...
September 5, 2012
Verified Purchase
I probably got a dud, so I'm re-ordering a few of these pink pens to give them another chance. My particular pink Surari writes awfully, horribly scratchy, not smooth at all, skips a lot, and the ink color is inconsistent--too light sometimes, but other times it writes sooo smoothly, and puts out a beautiful bright pink that's still dark enough to read. If my new order of pink Surari pens write consistently smooth in that nice bright pink, its a five-star pen for sure & I'll update my review.
(By the way: every other Surari I've received from Jetpens has been 5-star smooth with beautiful bold ink colors [except fluorescent yellow, but that's just the nature of yellow ink!] AND all my Suraris so far have shipped with a protective wax-like seal on the tip...but this pink pen was missing the wax seal, so I bet I just got a dried-up pen or something).
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I bought these pens at...
September 1, 2012
I bought these pens at a drugstore about 3-4 years ago, and while I've lost about half of them over the years, I still have and use the blue, red, pink, and black pens today--they're nearly out of ink but they still write with a nice bold line, especially blue & red. The silver writing on the barrels has worn off over the years, but that's no surprise.
By the way: the pens do benefit from a few squiggles on scratch paper before use, then they warm up and start writing perfectly...because I noticed some skips during the first few sentences. But after that, its smooth sailing! The writing is not as smooth as Jetstream, of course, but its comfortable enough for long journaling sessions and serious note-taking, even on cheap school notebooks, like USA Mead composition books. The 1.6mm lines are easy to read and the colors have stayed bold and bright over the years (except when I read my notes taken with the pink and light green pens, those two colors are probably too bright for readable notes).
So take a little chance on these pens. I am glad to see Jetpens carrying them, because now I want the full set again and I cannot find them anywhere anymore!
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I want to like this ink...
August 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
I want to like this ink because the color is so beautiful. But the pearlescent effect depends on some iridescent powder (or whatever) mixed in with the green ink, and this pearly stuff just sinks to the bottom of the jar. the instructions do say "shake well before using" but I shook verrrry well and the pearly stuff remained in a sludgy layer at the bottom. I even stirred the ink from the bottom up with a wooden coffee stirrer, but the pearly sludge only came up in a single chunk that refused to disperse and did not mix with the green ink. I had a little better luck getting the blue version of this ink to work, but Apple Green and Coral both refused to cooperate.
I did try the improperly mixed inks with my dip nibs and it was very smooth & a nice color...but without the pearlescent effect, its merely green ink :-/
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