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Reviews Written by Bambos

January 6, 2015
A compact slim, yet solid...
Verified Purchase
A compact slim, yet solid pen that writes on almost anything.

January 6, 2015
Absolutely incredible...
Verified Purchase
Absolutely incredible pen. A smooth, unique nib combined with a seriously water resistant ink makes this pen a total joy to sketch with. It has NEVER failed to start (and keep going) no matter how long I've neglected it.

Love it !

January 6, 2015
A beautifully dainty,...
A beautifully dainty, quality case. Perfect for day to day indiscreet carrying.

My only quibble is the lower half is a little too low to give any of my fountain pens a chance to "clip on". The top half does however do a good job of keeping the pens in place so all's well that ends well.

October 22, 2012
Fantastic. This is a...
Verified Purchase
This is a joy to use and is very effective.
I used it on photo paper and i t worked a treat producing clean crisp curves.

However, lIke the previous reviewer has mentioned I'm not too sure it was made for card but perfect for paper.

A must have!

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