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Reviews Written by arjunshankkar

March 9, 2010
I LOVE THIS PENCIL but the lead rotation takes a while to get used to

March 9, 2010
i agree with koolsnowflame...
i agree with koolsnowflame it has nearly no smell but the pencil itself is ok

March 9, 2010
should i get this pencil...
should i get this pencil cuz there is a lot of different reviews on this seems pretty cool but i am not sure cuz it is pretty expensive

March 9, 2010
These pencils are pretty...
These pencils are pretty good but alpha gels are much better.And why is the shipping and handling alwalys SO EXPENSIVE on this website.

March 9, 2010
These pencils get softer...
These pencils get softer as you use them more.They are pretty expensive but are worth it even the shipping and handling is expensive for such a small package.The grips are the best grips i have ever used in my life so you should certainly get one.

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