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What I needed: Blue-lined...
October 16, 2012
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What I needed: Blue-lined B4 size paper that had a good price point (ruled out importing).
What I found: Canson Fanboy B4 paper. Good Price, subpar paper for inking with a dip pen.
The Solution: Jetpens! As soon as I saw they were carrying Deleter B4 paper I ordered it!
Indeed this was what I needed all along. Well priced, super smooth without bleeding, thin without being too thin (good for lightboxing) and very faint blue lines which helps you ignore them when you need to.
Thanks for carrying this Jetpens! I look forward to any more B4 paper offerings you may come up with.

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While I already have...
November 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
While I already have a handful of shaker pencils, none of them looked particularly cool. I wanted a stylish high-end mechanical pencil that could become my main drawing instrument but it had to have a shaker mechanism!
The Zebra Tect 2way fit the bill as a high-end mechanical pencil/low-end drafting pencil.
I love the way it looks and feels! The manual and shaking lead advancement feels refined. I plan on buying a blue 0.7 one for use with blue lead.
A couple of comments based on other reviews:
The Tect 2way has a 4mm fixed lead sleeve which is standard equipment on drafting pencils. Care must be taken not to bend it. However, the Pentel Graphgear has a retractable tip for those looking for a drafting pencil that they can chuck in a backpack or something.
Also, the Tect 2way may not be the first mechanical pencil with a shaker mechanism but it is probably the first drafting pencil with a shaker mechanism.
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