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I thought it looked nice...
May 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
I thought it looked nice in the preview images, but when I received it - woah. My inner architect is having a field day! Gorgeous form and function, the switch mechanism works smoothly as butter, and the metal body feels nice and gives the reassurance that it probably won't break in a fall. The only setbacks are that there isn't a set "closed" setting - the tips retract in between the various tools, and it *might* accidentally pop out if you nudge the pen. The matte paint job also seems like it would scratch easily (as noted in the description), and of course the pen's weighty price point. Regardless, I love it.
Purchased this and a...
August 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
Purchased this and a 12 pack of the B grade, because all I had left were tubes of Staedtler 2H and 4H. Not fun to sketch with!

Having only used one other brand of 2mm leads (Staedtler's), I'll state that these leads are quite good. They seem slightly more brittle than their Staedtler counterparts though, and sharpening via both a handheld (the miniature Uni bought on this site) and a rotary yields a less accurate point.

Of course, regardless of how pointy you can get a lead, it vanishes after a few marks on paper, and after that the Rotring lead performs as well as any other. Shading is consistent and lead feels strong. At less than $0.75 a lead it's cheaper than a pencil, and performs just as well without the pencil shavings.

It isn't stated, but lead length is 4.7" (12cm).
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I've had this pencil...
April 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've had this pencil for a year and three months now, and for some reason experienced none of the problems other reviewers on this site had. For a year this pencil was not just sitting on a drawing table. It was on the floor, held during sketching trips, dropped, used for miscellaneous purposes, etc. And even now every function works like it was purchased yesterday. Retractable lead pipe cover works, lead length adjustment works, lead dispensing works. Probably the only thing that is off is the lettering - expect nearly all the printed black text to have worn off after a year of continuous use.

I don't know why this thing gets so much criticism - maybe I'm lucky.
The Uni Pin line, being...
September 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
The Uni Pin line, being a technical pen and all, is on par with the Microns that my fellow Architecture students use. I didn't actually get my Uni Pin from this site, instead while shopping at a stationery store in Hong Kong a few years back. Needless to say, I wished I bought in bulk when I had the chance.

Uniform line width, solid color
Useful steel guide pipe
Acrylic window on the cap is a nice touch, although it does get dirty
Loved the sleek, matte black finish and no-nonsense livery
Cheaper than the Micron line

Tip is fragile; mine bent a bit, then retracted into the housing after significant use (around a year)
Labels may not be aligned perfectly with pen body - but hardly a concern

All in all, a great product. The logo on the pen changed slightly from my three-year old copy, but I'd still love to buy some.
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I bought the current...
August 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought the current variant of this pencil around 6 months ago as an architecture student, when I finally tired of colorful disposables. I won't bother with initial experiences, because it hardly matters. What matters is that after 6 months of continuous use it still runs smoothly, and in that period it has endured endless note-taking, drafting and sketching.

All of the engineered functions - guide pipe length adjustor, lead length adjustor, lead grade indicator - still work great. The lead length adjustor tends to occasionally stick to the extreme settings if you push it too far, but isn't a problem if you remember to not tighten it at all. I thought the grip would be annoying as it rotated back and forth, but it isn't. It doesn't move, even if you keep it in a moderate setting.

Some disappointments - The lead grade setting is a sticker, and the knob that sets it in place is hard to center; you have to keep three parts in place as you screw it in, so that the "HB" looks centered in the tiny window. Ditto with the clip adjustment - it's hard to screw the clip back on if you adjust it, due to the tiny knob. Construction-wise, the lead tube is ABS plastic, and due to its slightly smaller diameter and materiality, the cap tends to look skewed when looked at, because it's stuck right on to the ABS tube. Disturbing if you're an aesthetic nazi, but no structural problems.

Regardless, it's a great pencil, and an excellent example of taking risks in development. It felt heavy at first use, but now I barely feel it - it's replaced my entire compliment of other drafting pencils.
I'm sure I'll edit this...
February 23, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm sure I'll edit this once I actually buy the pencil, but a question - does this come in some sort of box or packaging? I intend to gift this to a friend.
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