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Reviews Written by coolwicked_christinez

August 5, 2013
I absolutely adore this...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely adore this pencil case and, although it may not be able to carry a whole awful lot, I can still enjoy the convenience of only having to carry what is necessary. The little pockets inside the case are helpful in storing small things such as a USB, whiteout, or basically anything that may fall out in the main compartment. I think I will use this case for many years to come, as it is extremely capable of fulfilling more than just my everyday school needs.

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July 17, 2012
This eraser was okay...
Verified Purchase
This eraser was okay at first, but does not withstand much pressure, as I broke the cap in the front where the eraser usually comes out. Can be remedied with tape, but I find that the mono would be a better choice as it is more sturdier. Overall, good experience with this eraser but only used for daily mistakes and not those rough ones you REALLY want to get out.

May 30, 2012
Around 2 hours ago or...
Verified Purchase
Around 2 hours ago or so I lost this pencil and I miss it so much I can't help but say that this was my favourite pencil-- it NEVER squeaked and it fit comfortably in my hand. Sure, I was never sure if the lead wasn't going to break when I inserted it into the barrel but at the same time it never broke when I wasn't sure. The lead advanced little by little so all I had to do was click once and I'd have enough-- and the lead rarely broke on me. I don't know, this was a spectacular pencil and I'm thinking of buying another since I lost my old one :c

September 1, 2011
This is easily one of...
Verified Purchase
This is easily one of my favourite erasers to use due to its stability, accuracy, and effectiveness. I will definitely be purchasing more of these when mine runs out. c: