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Its wonderful. I think...
October 19, 2013
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Its wonderful.
I think that this bag is quite durable and long lasting.
As well as the material, I find that it is very organised as well.
The capacity is very high and I find that even though it does not have any sort of handle (such as a strap) it is very comfortable to carry.
I tend not to use the outer pockets specifically because people at my school have "sticky fingers," but anything left in the pockets are actually protected and secure.
The price is just right and I like the look.
Definitely worth it.
d( ^ ^)b
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This is probably the...
March 9, 2013
This is probably the best pencil I have purchased so far. It has proven that it not only rarely dulls, but is useful in numerous drafting assignments, such as drawing writing and shading. Although, I should probably start getting used to mono drafting pencils...
not one of my favorites....
November 18, 2012
not one of my favorites. it is quite good but i would not recommend it for someone who draws art. I see them everywhere and they cant erase pen marks (which i understand is not really needed) and most of the time find my eraser in my bag cut in half. good for beginners not for veterans. use it for when you are writing a paper, that is mostly what its used for.
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