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Fantastic addition to...
January 11, 2012
Fantastic addition to the Jetstream family!

I love this pen. I've been a fan of the regular Jetstreams for years (since trying one out at a department store in Japan and going, "wow, that is the smoothest, nicest pen ink I've ever seen!"). This model continues the tradition of dark, smooth-writing ink that never splotches or thins out to leave an inconsistent line, but I actually like this one better than the originals because of the slightly thicker body (easier to hold) and balance of the pen.

Its all-over rubber padding may have something to do with why it feels so nice to hold. The added size/weight (not much at all, but better-distributed than the skinny Jetstreams) also gives the pen a "substantial but light" feeling in the hand, and also fits the curve of my fingers better.

The clicker feels very solid, the grip is comfortable, and with the perfect Jetstream ink, I find this has become my pen of choice whenever I have lots to write (or even if I'm just scrawling a quick note). Don't let the larger form factor fool you into thinking this pen is clunky by any means--it's a sleek, beautiful pen that feels great to write with!
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