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Years ago I had a Parker...
February 17, 2012
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Years ago I had a Parker Vector which I didn't like--too much skipping, bleeding all over the place--and some kind of cheap $13 Waterman whose nib was more for calligraphy than regular writing. Recently, I decided to give fountain pens another shot. I ordered the Platinum Preppy in blue-black and was super impressed. It was smoother than the previous pens I had, and its ink dried quickly and came out evenly. Then I ordered the Kaweco. Talk about smooth. I don't think writing has ever been this effortless for me. I'm usually wary of compact pens as they're difficult to hold and easily lead to hand cramps. But this pen is a pleasure to write with. Despite my predictions, it's no hassle to unscrew or close back up, and it fits perfectly in my pocket. I'm not sure how, but with its cap posted, it's literally the most comfortable pen I've ever used. It's lightweight, but that's not a downside. This was certainly worth every penny, and the bordeaux color is quite nice. The only thing I didn't like was the translucence of the ink it came with (blue cartridge). I doubt it would show up on photocopies, it's not water-resistant, and I wouldn't use it as a "formal" ink for business forms. It was not as robust or dark as the Platinum Preppy's blue-black (which would be appropriate for business, in my opinion), so I ordered a syringe and some Noodler's Kingfisher ink. I'll see how that works out. I'm told that refilling cartridges is easy as pie, and I don't like the idea of an entire barrel full of ink that could come unscrewed at any time.
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