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Reviews Written by djbull01

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Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser Small - Black - Pack of 2 - PENTEL XZEAH062A
  If you want an eraser,..., April 5, 2014
If you want an eraser, buy this one. Works perfect! No complaints.
Ohto Pen-Style Ceramic Cutter - White Body - OHTO CP-25 WHITE
  Cuts paper pretty well...., April 5, 2014
Cuts paper pretty well. Good conversation starter. I would give it a 5 if I had more use for it. Might be really handy for anybody that does scrapbooking or any kind of crafts like that.
Morning Glory Mach 3 Roller Ball Pen - 0.38 mm - Blue Black - MORNING GLORY MACH3 BLUE BLACK
  Pretty nice pen. my only..., April 5, 2014
Pretty nice pen. my only complaint is that when you are writing, it has a sort of scratchy feel on the paper.
Uni Pin Pen - 01 Pigment Ink - 0.28 mm - Black Ink - UNI PIN101.24
  Really nice pen! It writes..., April 5, 2014
Really nice pen! It writes great! No complaints at all.
Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Stapler - Black - SUN-STAR S4763211
  Awesome! I absolutely..., April 5, 2014
Awesome! I absolutely love this thing. It is way smaller than I thought it would be, which was perfect for me. The stapler works great, and it is super easy to use. Also, I love the storage for paper clips or anything else you can fit. I usually try to find at least one complaint for every review, but I cannot find one for this product!
Kum PenCut Pen-Style Scissors - Black - KUM 507.12.22 B
  Very useful little tool..., April 5, 2014
Very useful little tool that easily fits in your pocket to take anywhere. You never know when you may need some scissors. I love these scissors, and they are also a great conversation starter. Definitely a good buy!

Reasons for not giving it a 5: The little pieces on the side can fall of easily and get lost. It works great for small tasks, but doesn't cut everything.
Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Navy Body - UNI MSXE510005.9
  GREAT PEN!!!! I take..., April 5, 2014
GREAT PEN!!!! I take this pen with me everywhere. Such a handy tool. I recommend this pen to everyone. It's a must have. I love the way the pens write as well as the pencil. The only complaint I have is that the eraser cap loosens over time and has the potential to fall off and get lost. But do not let this stop you from buying this pen or any other color of this pen type! Worth every penny!
Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Gun Metallic Body - UNI M51017 1P.43
  Very nice pencil. My..., April 5, 2014
Very nice pencil. My only complaint is that the eraser is small and difficult to use. But if you have a separate eraser this pencil makes for a great writing tool.
Uni E-Knock Eraser - Black Body - UNI EH105P.24
  I really liked the eraser..., April 5, 2014
I really liked the eraser at first, but after just a couple of exams the clear plastic, near the tip where the black piece screws in, cracked in 2 places. It is now very difficult to erase. I'm very disappointed to write this review, but I hope other people take caution before purchasing this product.
1 to 9 (of 9 )