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Not only is the paper...
August 13, 2015
Not only is the paper fountain-pen friendly, this is the ONLY Field Notes edition that I can both write AND sketch in (in the way that I prefer, which is with a fountain pen washed with water for shading) -- no bleeding or ghosting, even with a light wash! I really hope FN uses this paper in a future edition. In the meantime, I'm stockpiling these. ;-)
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After several weeks of...
January 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
After several weeks of using this Pilot Metropolitan with waterproof Platinum Carbon ink, I am amazed that it has never clogged. The ink flows beautifully even after several days of being idle, and it always writes and draws beautifully from the first stroke. The price belies the high quality of both the nib and the body. I especially like its satin finish. To read the full review of this pen on my blog, please search for "fueled by clouds and coffee blog pilot metropolitan."
The first thing I noticed...
March 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that the colors in the palette looked dark and blah. I know most watercolors look very different in the pans than they do wet, but five shades of black? To my surprise and delight, some of those “blacks” ended up being very light, bright hues.

Compared to my Yarka and Sakura Koi watercolor sets, the Akashiya seem more transparent. The palette is very different from most off-the-shelf palettes I’ve seen. It’s somewhat similar to my Sakura Koi box of 24 colors, and a couple of the blues and greens are really nice. (No brown at all – I suppose that’s the easiest to mix – and only one yellow.) So I’m delighted to try out some new hues.

Oddly enough, the palette includes a metallic gold and metallic silver. I don’t know how much use I have for those, but they’re unusual. One other thing to note is that the square pans are not attached to the palette – they are all individual boxes that come out of the cardboard tray they come in. The whole box is not at all portable, since it’s too large to hold in the field (and if you drop it, all the individual pans would come flying out). Overall, I’m happy that I gave in to the impulse to buy the set and am looking forward to exploring these thoroughly transparent colors. For a more thorough review, including painted color samples of all 24 colors, please see my blog:
http://www.tina-koyama.blogspot.com/2012/03/product-review-akashiya-watercolor s.html
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