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I had tried a basic blue...
January 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I had tried a basic blue Frixion pen and I liked it and my two kids LOVED it for school. I decided to try this one since I wanted a multi-color pen for work. To be honest, I wasn't thrilled about ordering pink, but it was only color left in stock. I am SO happy I went ahead and got the pen. I love it! Not sure why, but this version seems to write even better than the ones I get at my local store...the basis plastic barrelled variety. I especially like the very fine point. I've tried all the ink colors and they work flawlessly. I am so impressed, I will be ordering a second one in blue or purple when back in stock. The only negative, which may apply to any multi-color pen, is that the barrel is pretty large, so it does not fit in the pen loop of my DayTimer. However, I slip the clip over the loop and then make sure the DayTime is snapped shut and I feel confident that the pen will stay in place. Thank you JetPens for carrying this great pen! (I couldn't find it anywhere locally.)
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