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Reviews Written by crzz

November 22, 2009
This is awesome. I'm...
Verified Purchase
This is awesome. I'm a HUGE fan of orange, so I am getting this, the black orange shaka, and the white-orange pencil with the shiny chrome. I also have three other a-gels(Which aren't in good shape, so I am trading them for more orange pencils among my friends), so I'm going to be the first to have a full orange a-gel set! Awesome pencil, but to be honest, it's extremely pricey. My order for lead, a case, and three pencils was about 45 dollars. Worth the money though. (:

November 22, 2009
JetPens, Can you...

Can you please stalk the regular chromed Orange slim?

November 22, 2009
To liz... I have the...
To liz...

I have the same problem. I have three of these, and they are all relatively hard. Then, my friend goes out and buys one, and his is squishy as crazy. I'm like, "LOLWUT?". I'm not so sure, maybe the more you use it? But that might not be it, because my friend's was squishy from the start. x_x

November 22, 2009
My goodness, the chrome...
Verified Purchase
My goodness, the chrome is gorgeous. I am purchasing it today.

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November 22, 2009
What a great pencil....
What a great pencil. I see some people say things are happening to their pencil.

1. If it get's jammed in the tip, take the cap off and take another piece of lead and push it through the tip of the pencil.

2. If the shaky get's jammed, open up your pencil and check it out. If your shaker is bent, it will hardly work.

3. Take good care of your pencil! The gel can get ripped, so don't twist it or squish it too hard.

4. Also, it might be wise not to put these pencils where all your other ones are. Before you know it, it will be scratched. Trust me on this, when I saw people writing reviews on it, and said it get's scratched easily, I was like, "Ohpsh, yeah right.". Guess what, mine got scratched last week. Now it looks ugly. TAKE GOOD CARE.