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Reviews Written by roger1

January 30, 2015
This case has two zippered...
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This case has two zippered compartments, one shallow and one deep. The shallow one makes for easier access to items like erasers or sharpeners. I can't say which of my cases are the best. I carefully pick each one, so I consider the Otomo a great pick.

January 30, 2015
This case is nice. I...
Verified Purchase
This case is nice. I like the Light/Mocha brown scheme, and the pocket outside the case for easy yet secure access to my often used pencils. Even regular woodcase that do not have a clip seems to stay put.

I liked it from the photo on Jetpens and I can tell you it's as good as it looks.

February 5, 2013
The Wise-Walker gives...
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The Wise-Walker gives me the feeling that I am wearing it instead of carrying it. Aside from being well designed and stylish, nothing about this bag gives strangers the impression it is expensive or has anything expensive in it. Now that plastic bags are outlawed in California, it does come in handy for that trip to the convenience store. It took a quart of milk,quart of orange juice and two soup cans in the main compartment. If I have anything in the main compartment,it's pretty easy to find another compartment for it. The other part I have noticed is that the zippers are sturdy and have well designed pull tabs on each and everyone making it easy to find,open,and close.

I rarely need to carry a laptop,so I might point out there is no padding for one, be sure to use a sleeve. Tablets should fit nicely and again a sleeve or folder is a good idea.

So far I like this bag and I have tried many out there. Lower priced ones do make passing grade,but sooner or later wear out or or the zippers break. Sooner or later I find myself not wanting to carry it around.

That's the thing about the Wise-Walker. I have not in the several weeks I have owned it, gotten tired of it, and I find myself taking it with me whenever I go out. I'll gladly give it five.

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July 24, 2012
I have owned many 2mm...
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I have owned many 2mm lead holders,and this by far is a winner with solid metal construction,a lead degree indicator,pocket clip, and the "knock" method of advancing the lead. Keep the button pressed down and the lead can easily be manually adjusted like the standard clutch models. The lack of a built in pointer is not much of a deal breaker. Convenient as they are,some lead shavings get trapped and leak out. I would leave that up to a dedicated lead pointer or keep around a cheaper holder with a pointer. All in all it is one of the better lead holders around.