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Reviews Written by nancy

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Kum Automatic Brake Long Point Pencil Sharpener - 2.0 mm or 3.2 mm + 2 Spare Blades - Blue - KUM 105.31.21
  A bad batch (?) or just..., February 1, 2014
A bad batch (?) or just bad? And needs some improvements. I bought this last fall, and Hole No. 1 basically wouldn't sharpen anything. So a friend at the store where I bought it, switched the blade for me. That used one of the spare blades. Now it mostly works, but I really didn't get four working blades. At the same time and same store, I heard that another customer bought 10 at a time (to use as gifts!), and returned 4 of them; I believe it was for the same reason.

I'm not that impressed with the actual sharpening that this does, but I think the concept is wonderful. Here are the things (besides a dull blade) that get in the way of functionality for me:

1) It's hard to see what you are doing: the shavings quickly cover up the blade on the left side, so you really can't see when you've gotten the pencil point to the stage where it's time to switch to the right blade. The blue color makes the interior dark, so another hard to see factor. In addition, the etched/embossed branding on the plastic cover also reduces visibility.

2) The spare blades are at great risk of falling out when you empty the shavings. That's happened to me twice, and the first time almost made me throw the whole thing away. I had emptied the shavings into the trash at a "food court", so you know it wasn't nice trash. As I was walking away, I noticed the spare blades were gone. Fortunately, I was able to go back and find the blades caught in some paper and retrieve them.

When one blade is DOA, and if you lose the other replacement blade because of poor product design, I think it's time to find another sharpener, despite the wonderful concept.
Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen - Super Fine + 1 Carbon Ink Cartridge - PLATINUM DP-800S 1
  I have been carrying..., May 2, 2013
I have been carrying this pen around with me for a couple of weeks. I'd call it mobile! LOVE IT. It's become my go to pen, and I love the permanent ink. Good, fine point.
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