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Reviews Written by jcesser2

July 14, 2011
This is my favorite gel...
This is my favorite gel pen, hands down. I was completely turned off to the .25s after I tried the Pilot Hi-Tec's. The tips were so scratchy and actually tore through my paper and slowed down my writing speed dramatically. I was convinced to try this pen by a classmate and I turned a complete 180. The tip on the Slicci is very sturdy and very smooth. I can write on whatever paper is available; I've even written on tissue paper with success. This green color is dark enough to take notes with in class and the ink doesn't run or smear, though neither did the Hi-Tec's.

July 14, 2011
The color is very attractive...
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The color is very attractive and the ink is quite nice overall, but the tip is fragile and scratchy. It slows down my writing speed, and it causes tears in my paper; I don't consider myself heavy handed: I use .3mm lead and other .25 gels and .4 ball-points with no trouble at all. Unfortunately the tip is a pretty big problem. After trying both, I definitely prefer the Pentel Slicci over this.

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