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This is some of the best...
September 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is some of the best ink on the market! I only with it came in a bottle. Only a couple other inks usable in brush pens are water resistant/proof "Sailor Fountain Pen Nano Ink, Platinum Carbon Ink" and I'm not even sure of the long term effects of their use in brush pens.

This is a deep water proof/resistant non reflective black. And as of 09/25/2010 this is the best price available made even sweeter if you get free shipping with the over $25 deal. So it's an all around good thing.
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Fantastic ink!!! One...
January 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
Fantastic ink!!!
One of the only truly waterproof inks on the market. Noodler's claim is not exactly correct about their bullet proof inks. Though the parts of the ink that have bonded with celluloid are waterproof the other dye resting on top is not waterproof, don't be fooled. If you are doing watercolor washes over noodler's a a slightly gray wash will result! Carbon ink is the only fountain pen ink that is truly waterproof!

Feeds and works perfectly in my Pilot VP and even in all my cheap fiber feed pens like the petite and varsity.

Not as black as noodler's but is still very black, this ink is well into the black, black range even in a fine point pen.

It is also the smoothest ink I've ever used, the carbon particles lubricate the point very well.

Just don't let this ink dry out in your pen use it once or twice a week and don't store the pen with the ink in it. Heck if you let any ink dry in a good pen or store any pen with ink in it you've done a no,no.
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I have a simple review...
May 8, 2007
Verified Purchase
I have a simple review for the Signo DX .28 mm. The perfect field sketch pen, stiff because of the tapered nib 'not a needle nib' responsive, dense and vibrant, takes abuse and delivers the finest detail for illustrations and sketches intended for reproduction. A pinnacle of balanced design. Five out of Five. For the money you can't beat it on any front, no import or domestic pen matches it's capacity for expression. FIVE OUT OF FIVE! Also the most comfortable of the micro pens.
Having used the Uni-ball...
May 8, 2007
Verified Purchase
Having used the Uni-ball Signo Bit .18mm I wanted to acquire a micro tipped pen without the mess or bleed of felt or drafting pens, but with a denser ink than the bit, the Hi-tec-c .25 mm fit the bill perfectly. A much more reproducible line is achievable with this pen than the Bit, and the nib is slightly more durable, the ink is vibrantly dark and abundant. My only complaint was with the wiggle in the pen because of it's disposable plastic construction, a stiffer construction could provide a more responsive drawing and writing experience. Four out of Five.
I originally purchased...
May 8, 2007
I originally purchased the .18mm bit because I wanted a mess free alternative to field 'travel' sketch pens that were felt tipped like a Micron or messy like a refillable drafting pen. These did the trick for the most part, though the durability is complained about, they do out perform felt tips of the same size by leaps and bounds, and are of course just as durable as the metal nib on a drafting pen, though not quite as stiff because of the disposable plastic construction. The only complaint that I have is reserved for the ink which though abundant enough, has a grayer less dense quality about it than nearly every other black ink I've used, the less vibrant ink is especially apparent when used in conjunction with other black inks. I assume the ink formula is less dense because of the lubricant that Uni-ball added for the use in their new micro design. But again as a sketch pen it is splendid for fine crosshatching and detail. Also great for small note taking in pocket journals. Four out of Five.
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