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Reviews Written by Alex

October 19, 2014
Wonderful lead. Brilliant...
Verified Purchase
Wonderful lead. Brilliant color, smudge resistant. Really sticks to the paper. Works really well (go figure) with pilot mechanical pencils. It has an almost creamy texture when you write with this compared to other leads from Ain, etc. Also it is resistant to breaking.

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October 19, 2014
These are fantastic....
These are fantastic. The tips do not smudge when highlighting over pencil. They are made in Japan. They last a very long time. The clear tip helps you seen in advance of what you're highlighting over, thus lessens the chance in over-highlighting. Ink (or whatever you'd like to call it) dries relatively fast. The colors are bold and virtually fade free over the lifetime of the highlighter. Only gripe is that the Lettering on the highlighter (Promark VIEW) fades overtime. Still, that is a minor first-world-problem, and these are fantastic highlighters

April 26, 2014
This is the best eraser...
Verified Purchase
This is the best eraser on the planet Earth. Or at least I've used. It can also erase HB #2 lead with ease, like on a scantron. But erasing 2B requires NO EFFORT AT ALL. Just lightly drag this eraser over your 2B writing, drawings, etc; and all markings vanish completely. A little more effort is required for other lead variants, but not as much as you would thing. Also, I have been using this eraser on a day to day basis, and so far, it hasn't worn down nearly as much compared to the German Mars Plastic, AIN, or Uni erasers. Ultimately, the best eraser I've used (and I have used thousands of them) and none compare to this one. Good job Kokuyo Campus. 5-Stars! Perfect Product!

March 11, 2011
This is an excellent...
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent shaker mechanical pencil. The pilot 2020 is a great and CHEAPER alternative to the Uni Alpha Gel series. Also, when it quits working you can see what is wrong because it has a transparent barrel.

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February 21, 2011
this tape despencer is...
this tape despencer is great! it is compact and lite and it is perfect for backpacks. the only problem is when you put the tape in the despencer it is VERY hard o get out. yet it is still an awesome tape despencer.

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