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Reviews Written by angelatsai27

October 17, 2011
I got these a while ago...
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I got these a while ago and they smelled SOOOO GOOD omg. i brought them to school at the last day of school to sign yearbooks with, and some ****** stole them. I still haven't gotten them back. WAH! D: She used up all the ink the last time I saw them...

October 31, 2009
i just bought this pencil...
Verified Purchase
i just bought this pencil and got it in the mail today. it's nice to write with, but the grip isn't that soft as the name of the product (pearly rubber)

April 18, 2009
this pencil is awesome!...
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this pencil is awesome! I WANT ONE SO BADLY!! one of my classmates that sits next to me always uses his blue one, and he NEVER needs to change the pen/pencil! but i always have to change from pen to pencil , pencil to pen........PLEASE RESTOCK! I REALLY WANT ONE!!!! :D

April 14, 2009
i really love this pencil!!!...
Verified Purchase
i really love this pencil!!! when i ordered it, i wanted it to come really quick so i can try it out. i thought that the shipping would take forever, but it came on the second day. Jetpen's delivery is so quick!!!! AND I LOVE USING THE PENCIL!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!