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I waited a long time...
January 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I waited a long time before deciding to buy this, mostly because of the price relative to other style fit bodies and because of the previous review about not being able to see the color of the ink barrels. I'm glad I ended up buying it. You can definitely see which ink you're using through the clear window, even if the ink runs low, because the refills themselves have color printed on them that reaches to the level of the window. I personally found the weight to be just right, and I don't think that it looks or feels very cheap. Also, one of the things I didn't like about the design in the picture is the gold rings on the body. However, that's actually just part of a sticker, so the body is just one solid color, which I think looks much nicer, especially for the other colors that don't match so well with gold.

My one gripe with this body is its mechanism. The top portion that twists to select the cartridge doesn't turn 360 deg, which means that if you want to go from color A to color C, you have to go through B (if that makes any sense). Compare to other refills, in which you you can just quickly select the color. Another thing about the mechanism is that in order to retract the cartridge, you twist the barrel to a position between that of 2 cartridges, which is actually not a very stable position. I can imagine that if the pen gets thrown in a bag, the barrel can easily get rotated so that one of the refills gets selected, ruining the refill and getting ink all over my bag.
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