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This is a terrific pen....
November 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a terrific pen. The nib is super-fine, almost a needlepoint, but it still manages to be much smoother than a nib of that size has a right to be.

This pen will work with regular bottled fountain pen ink, but it's really designed to be used with Platinum's pigment-based carbon ink. This ink is waterproof and will resist bleach and other chemicals commonly employed by check forgers. The carbon ink is even more water-resistant than my other favorite, Noodlers Bulletproof Black. (Unlike the Noodlers, the carbon ink doesn't leave a layer of dye particles that washes away and smudges ever so slightly when the paper gets wet.) For instantly waterproof lines, this is the ink to use.

The nib is a delight, really. The pen is super-responsive on just about any paper. I find that I have more control with this pen than any other writing or drawing instrument I own. It has rapidly become my favorite pen for writing and sketching.

The cartridges will last a very long time--the nib is very sparing with ink, yet it flows instantly and never skips. The only drawback to the carbon ink is the fact that it thoroughly stains the plastic of the cartridge wall on the inside, so it's just about impossible to see how much ink is left in the cartridge. But I'm still on my first cartridge since buying the pen three weeks ago, and I probably write 3-6 pages a day.

The pen holder for this pen is a handy way to keep this on your desk. It looks nice and eliminates the need to uncap the pen before use. It's not strictly necessary to keep this pen upright, though--I take it along with the cap when I do work outside the house, and I've had it sitting in my bag for a day or two over the weekend without drying up or hard starting.

A super pen for water-proof writing and drawing at a bargain price. If you like super-fine nibs, you'll love this one. It feels good in the hand and is a joy to use.
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