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Reviews Written by benorlowski

June 23, 2012
This ink is simply beautiful....
Verified Purchase
This ink is simply beautiful. The black perfectly dark. (For the price) There is actually a lot of blotter tape, unlike what i thought. The only bad thing I have found is the cap. You really have to tighten it more than usual in order to make it not leak. If there would have been a seal in the lid, it would be great. I would recommend it!

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June 23, 2012
It writes lovely, but...
Verified Purchase
It writes lovely, but it is a pain to clean. This was my 4th fountian pen, so I'm not perfect. Still, I found that it was a royal pain to clean. Very hard to the ink regulator and nib off. But, it looks great! I would recommend it.

May 1, 2012
This pencil has both...
Verified Purchase
This pencil has both good and the bad. Being a high school student, this gets used... Often.
Goods- Writes well. I enjoy the feel. The weight balance, is a little off for me, but to each his own. The Kuru Toga actually works which is something I did not expect. (Itdoesnt rotate as much as I though it would per turn)
Bads- Once you run out of lead (As in a single piece) it is a long drawn out process of getting another to feed out. That is very crucial when it comes to taking notes. The only other bad thing (partially) is the top. I mean really. Could Uni not have raised the price 10 cents and made it metal? It doesn't really fit the design on the pencil as a whole

I would fully recommend it!

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