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I am sorry I love this...
December 4, 2012
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I am sorry I love this pen .... I would love to use it but it JAMS constantly ...... I am in class trying to take notes and jams.... you fix it take notes for another 10 min then jams again .... I am sorry to say, I would love to have this as my daily user, but it jams and wont let new lead advance through, the lead advance mech is horrible that is where the massive failure is I sent an Email to Ohto and never received a reply assuming they do not care that they made a defective product, I read many reviews of others mentioning these things, ignored them and here I am ..... I have had the pencil about 1.2 years now and have not used it past the first month. go get a graph gear , kerry, or tombow zoom 505, seriously don't look at this pencil!!! if you do buy this promise me you will write a bad review when you discover the same as I have....
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