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Reviews Written by rithomas33

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Field Notes Color Cover Memo Book - County Fair - 3.5" x 5.5" - 48 Pages - 5 mm Graph - Pack of 3 - Arkansas - FIELD NOTES FN-01A-AR
  I wrote a loverly review..., September 16, 2014
I wrote a loverly review but Jetpens ate it
Waterman Nostalgia Fountain Pen Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Inspired Blue  - SANFORD 51060W7
  this is an additional..., November 26, 2013
this is an additional review to note that South Sea Blue is now Inspired Blue. I have run two full eyedropper loads of this ink through my Platinum Preppy with 03 nib ("fine"). It is the fastest, smoothest pen/ink combo that I have. it is great for high-speed note taking.

But beware, this is is not in the least water-resistant. Spill water on your writing and it will be gone!
Kuretake Dry Erase Liquid Post Chalk Marker Pen - Green - KURETAKE CH-990-040
  Freaky on black On a..., October 19, 2012
Freaky on black
On a black background, it starts out looking weak and watery, but as it dries, it becomes lighter and more opaque, and quite readable. On a white background it looks pale green and stays pale green. The pictured cap color is pretty close to it in action.

It writes about 1.2 mm wide, so more like a medium Sharpie than a chisel point white board marked. It erases easily with a dry tissue.

I would recommend it for black, but not white background.
Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style - Orange - LIHIT LAB A-7551-4
  Quite a handy case. Right..., October 19, 2012
Quite a handy case. Right now I am hauling 11 pens, markers, skinny dry erase marker and pencils (all fat). Two more pens could fit in. The flip-over divider sort of snaps into the back so my pads of Post-Its can't escape. The color is a vivid orange, tending towards the red-orange and darker than appears on the screen. The fabric is a little shiny, and so handsome. A handle or loop would have been good, but with my big hands I can carry it easily.
Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - Black - PLATINUM CSIQ-150 1
  Fantastic as an eyedropper I..., September 14, 2012
Fantastic as an eyedropper
I did not try the included cartridge. Instead I converted it to an eyedropper and loaded it up with Dr. Ph. Martin;s Black Star HiCard.

I like this combo a lot better than the Sharpies provide at our office for Agile Story Card planning. It makes a bold but crisp line. No wear yet on the tip.
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Black Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 1
  Instead of the included..., September 14, 2012
Instead of the included cartridge I use used a Platinum Carbon Pen Ink Cartridge. So far both are working great, even though the Carbon Ink is not recommended for the Preppy. Of all my Preppies (6) just one has cracked -- a Preppy Sign pen. Elsewhere a Preppy entusiast has recommended reinforcing the cap with Scotch Tape before it cracks. She said after it cracks, don't bother -- it won't work.
Platinum Carbon Pen Ink Cartridge - Pack of 4 - Black - PLATINUM SPC-200
  I put it in a new Platinum..., September 14, 2012
I put it in a new Platinum Preppy. It writes a smooth black line, but not as smooth as my other Preppies with plain Preppy ink. It feels like the ink itself has some texture. So far, no problems -- it starts right up even after a few days idle.
Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus - 0.5 mm - Shadow Metal Body - Black Ink - PLATINUM BWT-SM98
  This is pretty good as..., August 3, 2012
This is pretty good as a stylus for the Samsung Galaxy Note. While the Note comes with a stylus, the included stylus does not activate the touch buttons of the bottom of the screen -- a major fault, in my opinion. The Platinum works just as well as my fingers and far bett for precision poking.
I still carry a pocket Day-Timer and store this pen in its loop -- fits fine by length and width
The pen draws very fine -- about like my 00 (.35) Castell TG, but the line is somewhat grayish.
It is very smooth for a ball point and requires little pressure. It works great on the tiny Day-Timer lines and calendar boxes. The barrel is very skinny, so might not be good for a long session of writing.
Looks like it is on clearance here, which is a shame because it is great for my application.
122KCal Roll Pencil Case - Love Pink - 122KCAL ROLL LOV
  Quite handy. I got..., March 6, 2012
Quite handy.

I got this for my wife for Valentines, and some pens. She likes it because her purse is so big and deep, but she can find this bright pink holder easily.
Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Silver - PENTEL K908M-Z
  This pen was a disappointment...., March 6, 2012
This pen was a disappointment. It is not silver, really, but a medium metallic gray. It's line is very fine, so that also makes it less metallic looking. On dark paper it shows as darker gray. Lines show through, so not much hiding power.

It might serve for coloring in cars, but I can't thiik of anything else it would be good for.

This was a lot better: Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - Silver Ink
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