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Reviews Written by amirsgarbunk

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Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Body - Blue Ink - PILOT BAB-15EF-LL
  great ballpoint! i have..., June 25, 2013
great ballpoint! i have it in red, black, and blue (.7 in the red for kicks, .5 in the other two) and am writing predominantly in mnemosyne pads cuz I'm spoiled like that. really comfortable combination - I'll mention that these pens do great on crappy notepads as well. i personally prefer these over my jetstreams (which are also great pens by the way, I just prefer the acroballs.)
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Basic Colors - Light Blue - PILOT LH-20C4-LB
  Like other gel ink pens,..., May 20, 2013
Like other gel ink pens, the hitec line leaves a nice bright line - the blacks are black, the blues are blue, and the reds are NOT dull (*cough* jetstream *cough*.) I'm using 0.3 hitec pens with mnemosyne pads exclusively now and absolutely love this combo. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, my hitec pens and my rhodia graph pad don't like each other much - the pens tend to skip quite a bit on that pad. Not on the mnemosyne paper though, which is fine by me, since it's such a wonderful writing experience.

One light blue, one red, and one blue-black, plus one mnemosyne notepad. Thank you kindly JetPens!
Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Alpha Gel Grip Series - Silver Body - UNI SXN1000071P26
  I've bought this pen..., May 20, 2013
I've bought this pen for 3 different coworkers as a gift and they all absolutely adore them. I tend to dislike the jetstream ink because I have very broad, slightly sloppy handwriting and the ease with which the jetstream ink flows lends itself to my sloppy, big letters (I prefer a very fine-tip gel ink pen to the ballpoints because they help me slow my chicken-scratch down.) Nevertheless, this pen is a hit around the office! Writes fantastic and the grip is super duper comfortable.

I will note that one of the pens had a dodgy ink cartridge out of the box and was basically not usable until I snagged a refill. Luckily Jetpens rocks with fast shipping and plenty of inventory.
Maruman Mnemosyne Special Memo Notepad - B5 (6.9" X 9.8") - 7 mm Rule + Divisions - 30 Lines X 80 Sheets - MARUMAN N194
  Initially thought this..., May 20, 2013
Initially thought this paper was too slick, but have come to use it exclusively around the office. With a hitec-c .30 and/or a pilot acroball .5, this paper is a real dream. I call out these specific pens, because I've found that the fine-tip hitec (and others) are a tad scratchy on lower quality paper, and can tend to skip if you're writing on certain, non-porous papers (the rhodia graph notebook and my fine-tip hitec-c pens did not like each other at all.)

Give this paper and your fine-tip pens a shot - it's a real treat!
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen - 0.3 mm - Basic Colors - Blue Black - PILOT LH-20C3-BB
  Love the blue-black,..., February 12, 2013
Love the blue-black, and love the fine tip. I go back-and-forth between this and my signo dx .28, but I find I reach for my hitec-c pens more often. Fair warning to those who write big lettering and/or fast: the fine tips will feel very scratchy to you. If you want/like to write smaller text, this pen is a dream.

On a subjective note: i really like the weight of these, and for whatever reason, i prefer this pen over it's padded-grip equivalent. I guess all that means is, you'll have to buy one of each from jetpens and decide for yourself (I'm glad I did!)
Maruman Mnemosyne Special Memo Notepad - A5 (5.8" X 8.3") - 7 mm Rule + Divisions - 24 Lines X 80 Sheets - MARUMAN N195
  Just got mine the other..., January 3, 2013
Just got mine the other day and I hate to say it, but I'd much rather be writing in my Rhodia and/or Doane pads.

The paper quality feels great and is slick - some people like that, some people hate it, it makes no difference to me (I just use the right pen for the right paper type.)

What really killed this notepad for me was the construction. It warped after a day in my backpack and now all the pages flex up, so when I go to write in it I sorta gotta push the page down to flush it against the table surface I'm on, but then the cover buckles - it makes writing in it a total chore.

Compared to the Doane pads that have a solid cardboard back, or similar Rhodia graph/spiral-bound pads, this Mnemosyne really didn't hold up.
Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Red - ZEBRA JJS15-R
  3-stars compared to the..., October 4, 2012
3-stars compared to the following pens

- uni signo dx (in sizes .28, .38)
- pilot hitec-c (in sizes .3, .4)
- jetstream multi-pen (.5mm)

and on the following notepads

- doane graphed notepad
- moleskin lined notepad
- crappy ol' yellow notepad

this pen (and it's smaller sibling, the .3mm) are great, and hold their own when compared to the others listed as far as quality and usage. however, i find myself reaching for the uni dx and pilot hitec-c line more often because both of those pens feel better constructed - they just feel sturdier, and less cheap, in my hand (rightfully so: they're both more expensive than the sarasa line.)

for a cheap, everyday pen, the sarasa line really is fantastic. i will note: in meetings and lectures when i need to scribble fast and sloppy, any/all of the finer-tipped gel ink pens started to feel scratchy for me, and i found myself reaching for a ballpoint jetstream and/or bic pen instead.

do yourself a favor: buy this pen, any of the uni signo dx pens, and/or any of the pilot hitec-c pens in bulk from jetpens. you won't regret it.
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Black - UNI UM15105.24
  oops, disregard last..., October 3, 2012
oops, disregard last review!!! i'm bulk reviewing a bunch of pens i just bought from jetpens, sorry everybody!

i prefer the .38 and .28 SIGNO DX pens over this one, as .5 was too blotchy and wet for me, especially for smaller handwriting. in comparison to the hitec-c pens, i found myself going back-and-forth between both lines.

uni signo dx and pilot hitec-c - buy both series in bulk from jetpens! you won't be sorry!
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Black - UNI UM15105.24
  great pen, but i'd rather..., October 3, 2012
great pen, but i'd rather use it's .38 and .28 siblings. the .5 was too blotchy and wet for me. otherwise, the hitec-c line is amazing, i love these pens. buy in bulk from jetpens, you won't be sorry.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen with Grip - 0.4 mm - Blue - PILOT LHG-20C4-L
  wow, what an awesome..., October 3, 2012
wow, what an awesome pen. believe the hype you read about the hitec-c line. i compared this pen to it's .3 and .5mm siblings, as well as to it's uni signo dx competitors (in .38, .28, and .5) on the following paper types

- doane graphed notepad
- moleskin lined notepad
- crappy ol' yellow notepad

one thing to say for sure: the .5mm pens were too wet and blotchy for me, especially at smaller letter sizes. your mileage may vary, try them out!

as far as hitec vs signo dx, i find myself going back-and-forth. buy one or buy both, you won't be sorry.

finally: i tend to write larger, sloppier letters during meetings and lectures (when i need to scribble fast) and the finer-tip gel pens start to get scratchy and annoying for me. in those cases, i'd reach for a jetstream or a crappy bic ballpoint over these. however, during a brainstorming session or casual note-taking, i'd go in circles with the hitec and signo DX pens - they're amazing. buy them now. from jetpens.
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