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Sailor HighAce Neo Beginner's Fountain Pen - Steel Nib - Fine - Black Body - SAILOR 11-0116-220
  I have mixed feelings..., October 19, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this pen. While I have a few high-end and vintage fountain pens, I also really like basic, inexpensive ones that write dependably and well. (I write for a couple hours each day, so performance is a much higher priority than fancy accoutrements.)

I was happy with the pen's appearance -- it's very lightweight and a nice size for my hands. However, the ink flow was terribly dry and the nib felt scratchy at times. I used a loupe to examine the tipping and immediately saw the problem. The tines were aligned, but the lump of irridium had ridges in it, which would produce a scratchy sensation on the page when pulled in certain directions. I fixed that problem with some micromesh papers, but this didn't fix the dry ink flow. I suspected a problem with the channel in the feed, and indeed, when I flossed between the tines with some fine brass shim, a bunch of debris came out. I finished by giving the nib unit a good scrubbing in warm water and let it dry.

When all this was done, I reassembled the pen with a new ink cartridge, and it writes beautifully. Very, very nice line quality, very comfortable for long writing sessions. I just wish the pen had come to me in this condition, rather than requiring 30 minutes of fiddling to get it there. (But frankly, I've had similar issues with every Lamy and Kaweco pen I've ever purchased. I'm somewhat resigned by this point to my bad luck.)

I still think the HighAce Neo is well worth the price if you're looking for a lightweight, compact pen with a Japanese fine nib (especially if you've got better fountain pen karma than I do).
Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Marker - 12 Color Set - PILOT SFC-120M-12C
  I use these markers when..., August 21, 2013
I use these markers when designing gridded patterns for beadwork, basketry, weaving, knitting, etc. They work quite well for this. The relatively broad tips lets me fill in the patterns quickly, and the colors erase cleanly if I need to make adjustments. I would have given five stars, but the tips of the pen can shed stray fibers (sort of like pilling in old sweaters) that sometimes affect the writing performance. It's easily fixed -- just pull the little thing off with a pair of tweezers -- but I'd be happier if it didn't happen in the first place.

Overall, it's a minor quibble and I'm very pleased with the purchase.
Kuretake Fudebiyori Pocket Color Brush Pen - Light Gray - KURETAKE CBK-55-091S
  As others have commented,..., July 30, 2013
As others have commented, this is is a wonderful pen for sketching. The ink is a light neutral grey, perfect for adding tones shadows to line drawings. It doesn't bleed through the page. You can also create darker greys by layering more strokes on the paper. The brush nib is fairly broad, but you can get thin lines by holding the pen vertical and using a light touch.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen - 0.3 mm - Mechanical Pencil Component - PILOT LHKRF-18H3
  Been using this for about..., July 22, 2013
Been using this for about a week now, and it's been working just fine. I just refilled it last night and it took a bit of time (and a lot of clicking) to advance the new lead through the tip.
Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen - Extra Fine - Sumiiro (Sumi Black) - AKASHIYA TL300-01
  This is an elegant brush..., July 17, 2013
This is an elegant brush pen. The bristles come to a long tapered point and are nicely resilient. Line thickness varies from hairlines to medium. The ink is a nice cool grey that is completely waterproof. Like the other Akashiya thin pens, the ink flow is moderate, not wet. You need a more sparing ink flow with very fine brushes, or their hairlines would quickly get too thick. When I draw on smooth surfaces like Bristol board, I can achieve beautiful calligraphic lines at comfortable pace. However, I actually use it most on cold-press watercolor paper, because I like how the ink lines become more textured and sketchy, almost like pencil. (I generally wash over the lines with watercolor, and have never had problems with the ink running.)

Kuretake Comic Pen Nib - G Model - Pack of 3
  A very nice, responsive..., September 16, 2012
A very nice, responsive nib. Without pressure it makes hairlines smoothly in every direction, including upstrokes. It opens nicely into broader lines with a comfortable amount of pressure. It's quite good for drawing and decent for copperplate types of calligraphy.
Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen - G Model Nib - Fine - Black Ink - TACHIKAWA NP-40ABK-F
  This is yet another follow-up..., August 6, 2012
This is yet another follow-up to my August 2011 review. I have been using this pen for a year now, and it is still performing beautifully. I left it unused for about four months during the winter, but it started up almost immediately when I took it out, and has been writing smoothly ever since. It's the best $6 pen purchase I've ever made.

And I don't know what ink Tachikawa puts into the cartridges, but I sure wish I could get a bottle of it for my other pens!
Akashiya New Brush Pen - Super Fine - Black (Waterproof Ink) - AKASHIYA TSA-300
  This is one of my favorite..., May 14, 2012
This is one of my favorite brush pens and I own them in several colors. Its fine line is lovely for working on small drawings. The brush is nicely shaped, the ink is quite dark, and it dries quickly.
Sakura Koi Waterbrush Pen - Medium (#6) Nib - SAKURA 38551
  This is quite a nice..., April 30, 2012
This is quite a nice waterbrush. I originally got it because of its two-part design -- it's really convenient and fits into my travel paint boxes. The brush itself is well made and comfortable, and can produce a variety of strokes. The only drawback is the small water capacity -- depending on how wet you work your paints, you might run out before the end of a piece. But I always carry extra water when sketching outdoors, so this hasn't been an issue.
Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Brush Pen - Black Body - KURETAKE DT140-13C
  This is a wonderful drawing..., March 3, 2012
This is a wonderful drawing tool. My first brush pen was the Pentel Pocket one, and it is a lovely pen. But this Kuretake has a higher quality brush with more spring and a finer point. I am really enjoying it.

Just fyi, I use Platinum Carbon ink cartridges instead of the supplied ink, because the Platinum ink is waterproof and dries near instantly on most papers. Happily the Platinum and Kuretake cartridges are identical to each other (even down to the little metal ball), and the Platinum converter fits this pen beautifully as well. I've had absolutely no problems with inkflow.
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