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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.3 mm - Circle - Silver Body - TOMBOW EH-KUR04
  This eraser is just brilliant...., July 21, 2011
This eraser is just brilliant. It reaches into tiny places with near surgical precision, and does a great job removing pencil marks. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen - Broad - PILOT MNA-12MB
  It writes beautifully,..., July 21, 2011
It writes beautifully, smooth as butter. The ink is a deep rich black - superior to any other gel ink pen I've ever tried. It looks like India ink, for anyone who has done pen and ink work. And the ink is absolutely waterproof. The pen writes rather wet, but it dries quickly. It's a terrific bargain.
Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser - Soft - PENTEL ZETS07E
  This is an easy eraser..., June 21, 2011
This is an easy eraser to use. As described, there are very few shavings, even after erasing large areas. My complaint is that it doesn't fully erase pencil that is moderately or heavily drawn. However, this could be a characteristic of very soft erasers, and why Pentel offers this in different hardness.
Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - White Ink - UNI UM153.1
  Nice opaque white, draws..., June 21, 2011
Nice opaque white, draws very smoothly, and dries well. (Like any white pen, you have to write more slowly than you do with colored gel pens, and give the ink time to dry.) I'm very satisfied.
Nomadic VS-01 Virgo-Attrezzo Standing Pen Case - Light Green - NOMADIC EVS 01 L. GREEN
  If it's possible to fall..., June 21, 2011
If it's possible to fall in love with a pencil case, this one would be my eternal sweetheart. It holds a ton of pens in the main section. The inner pockets are different sizes and ultra-convenient. And iit stands up very solidly. A great product.
Rhodia DotPad Notepad - Black - 5.75" X 8.25" - 80 Sheets - 5 mm Dot Grid - RHODIA 16559
  If I could rate it six..., May 31, 2011
If I could rate it six stars I would. I was a bit concerned about the visibility of the dot grid, brcause I find their regular graph paper too obtrusive for writing text. (I've only used it for diagrams though..) But the dot grid is perfect - neither too light nor too dark. And the paper is, of course, simply wonderful.
Uni Boxy Eraser - Black - UNI EP-60BX
  A wonderful eraser! It..., May 31, 2011
A wonderful eraser! It erases more cleanly than any others I have tried, and it leaves no residue, so you can go over the area with ink or pencil easily. And cheap! What more could you want?
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Green Black - UNI UM151.7
  I love this pen. It writes..., April 26, 2011
I love this pen. It writes smoothly, and the ink is a deep, pine green that looks great no matter where I've used the pen. The color is subtle (it doesn't scream "I'm GREEN!") but still looks unique.
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Black - UNI UM151.24
  This has already become..., September 2, 2010
This has already become one of my favorite pens -- even compared to many of the high-end fountain pens I also use. (Blasphemy, I know. But these Signo's are just that good.) My Hi-Tech-C pens feel quite scratchy in comparison. Also, my Hi-Tech-C's tend to have ink build up at the tip and then glop onto the beginning of a pen stroke. I've -never- seen that happen with my Signo's. I was quite sorry that I'd put my money into a collection of Hi-Tech-C's before trying these.
Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Black Ink - PENTEL BG204-A
  I must have different..., December 20, 2009
I must have different hands than the other reviewers, but I found the round barrel and the textured grip to be extremely comfortable for long writing sessions. (I have medium hands for a woman.) These pens are manufactured so much better than the Pilot Hi-Tec's. Everything about them is sturdier, especially the tips. No skipping, no scratchy feel, no finicky start-up (I have to shake the Hi-Tec's to get the ink flowing if I haven't used them in a couple of days.) And unlike the Signo's that I've tried, the ink doesn't glop up at the edge of the roller ball.

I am now sorry I invested so much in the Pilot pens -- I wish I'd tried these first.
21 to 30 (of 35 ) 1 2 3 4