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Reviews Written by ebenfatto

May 14, 2012
This is one of my favorite...
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This is one of my favorite brush pens and I own them in several colors. Its fine line is lovely for working on small drawings. The brush is nicely shaped, the ink is quite dark, and it dries quickly.

April 30, 2012
This is quite a nice...
This is quite a nice waterbrush. I originally got it because of its two-part design -- it's really convenient and fits into my travel paint boxes. The brush itself is well made and comfortable, and can produce a variety of strokes. The only drawback is the small water capacity -- depending on how wet you work your paints, you might run out before the end of a piece. But I always carry extra water when sketching outdoors, so this hasn't been an issue.

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March 3, 2012
This is a wonderful drawing...
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This is a wonderful drawing tool. My first brush pen was the Pentel Pocket one, and it is a lovely pen. But this Kuretake has a higher quality brush with more spring and a finer point. I am really enjoying it.

Just fyi, I use Platinum Carbon ink cartridges instead of the supplied ink, because the Platinum ink is waterproof and dries near instantly on most papers. Happily the Platinum and Kuretake cartridges are identical to each other (even down to the little metal ball), and the Platinum converter fits this pen beautifully as well. I've had absolutely no problems with inkflow.

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September 20, 2011
This is a follow-up to...
Verified Purchase
This is a follow-up to my review on August 12th. I have used this pen daily for weeks now, and it's become my favorite inking pen. However, it did act up on me once. The ink flow stuttered when I drew fine horizontal lines or when beginning a stroke. I fidgeted a bit and I found that there is a pad of some sort of fiber directly under the steel nib. If that fiber pad gets a little dried out, you'll have ink flow problems. I think this is why they recommend you not leave the pen unused for more than two weeks. (The ink dries very quickly, which is good when you're drawing, but problematic for pen storage.)

If you're getting spotty ink flow, another reviewer suggested that you give the nib a quick rinse in warm water, which works well to rehydrate the ink pad. However, it does dilute the ink, so you need to scribble a bit to get full strength ink flowing again. What I do instead is put a drop of black ink (I use black technical pen ink, but you could use a drop of any black fountain pen ink) onto the little air hole on the nib, and let it soak in for a few seconds. This restores the ink flow perfectly without dilution, and the pen is ready to draw. No skips or stutters.

And a final note about the ink: this stuff is as black as anything I've ever used, including black India ink in dip pens. It dries very quickly, even on shiny surfaces like bristol board. And it is -very- waterproof. I use watercolors with my pen drawing, and I don't have any problems with ink running or smearing.

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September 10, 2011
I purchased this pen...
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I purchased this pen after I recently bought the 0.3mm Linemarker. The 0.3 made a line roughly the width of my 0.5 gel pens. Therefore, I expected this pen to make a finer line, perhaps close to 0.4 or even 0.3 gel pens. Unfortunately, I cannot see any difference between the two pens. I've tried both of them on all types of paper, and the results are visually the same. I compared the nibs under a magnifier, and didn't see any size difference between them. So I'm disappointed. Like the 0.3 pen, it makes a nice consistent line on most papers. (It skipped a bit on rough sketch paper.)

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September 4, 2011
This is a really magnificent...
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This is a really magnificent ink. The color is a dark fuschia when wet, and then it dries to a deep rich warm purple. It's actually more conservative in person than how the sample appeared on my computer monitor. But I like that. It means I can use this ink in business settings where a bright, garish purple would raise eyebrows.

And, as everyone else has commented, this ink performs beautifully in every pen I've tried.

September 4, 2011
This pen writes smoothly...
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This pen writes smoothly and produces a consistent line without skipping. The ink is a nice deep black that dries quickly, and does not smear when I go over the outlines with watercolors. But the line is heavier than I expected. The 0.3 mm nib produces a line that is roughly the same size as my 0.5mm gel pens. It's still quite useful, but I've now ordered the 0.1mm pen to do the fine detail that I'm working on.

The Linemarker reminds me a bit of my old rapidograph technical pen and their dark, consistent lines. But rapidographs were scratchy, even on smooth paper, and the ink flow was always a little finicky. In contrast, this pen writes smoothly as soon as you remove the cap, without shaking or figiting.

I'm very happy with this purchase

August 29, 2011
Yes, it's a specialized...
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Yes, it's a specialized pen, and I don't think it would be comfortable for extensive writing sessions. (I'd suggest the Hi-Tec-C .25mm for that.) But I needed something this fine for annotations and small details in my sketchbooks. This pen has performed beautifully for three years now, on a variety of papers. A big plus for me is that the ink is absolutely waterproof, unlike the Hi-Tec-C's. So I can go over my drawings with watercolors without any fear of the color running.

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August 12, 2011
I have been using this...
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I have been using this pen for about three weeks now, and I am really enjoying it. The ink flow is wonderful, and the slight flexibility of the nib brings subtle expressiveness on the lines. I have used it on a variety of papers, and it's been particularly nice on smooth Bristol and hot press watercolor. I draw with a light hand and rarely notice any scratchiness.

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July 30, 2011
The nib on this pen is...
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The nib on this pen is somewhat flexible, which allows you to vary the width of the line depending on the amount of pressure you use. I've been using it to sketch for the past few days, and I'm impressed with the inkflow (quite fluid) and the smooth feel on paper. It is worth noting that it does better on "hard" papers like Bristol board and layout/marker bond. I also tried it on softer finish papers, like sketch and drawing pads, and it felt a bit dry and scratchy. Definitely with the price.