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Reviews Written by sunkaili

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Uni Alpha Gel Slim Mechanical Pencil - 0.3 mm - Rose Pink Grip - UNI M3807GG1P.66
  I love this pencil! I..., July 10, 2012
I love this pencil! I love that it comes in 0.3 mm size. It's thin enough so I can write super tiny. The grip is super comfortable too. I don't think it attracts lint. But it doesn't matter because cleaning it is super easy. TIP: just take tape and stick it on the grip to clean off the lint. I haven't needed to clean it for the 2 months that I've been using it, so that's a plus. It is too bad that the tip isn't retractable, but otherwise, it's awesome.
Nichiban Index Label - Grapefruit - 15 mm X 50 mm - 10 Sheets - NICHIBAN FS-K2
  I had the same experience..., July 7, 2012
I had the same experience as Kim... I had no idea they were scratch and sniff. If you looked closely enough, you'll notice a pattern of polkadots embedded on the sticky notes. You rub it and you sniff it. Simple. I don't know why, but the photos made the product look bigger than it actually is. It's just normal sized sticky notes. I took a star off for the price. I think it's just a tad too expensive for paper that smells. Nothing wrong with the product, I just don't see where the use of fragranced stickies come in handy. But I'm definitely going to get the rose scented one even if I can't find any good use for them. They're just calling my name.
Monami Essenti Soft Highlighter Pen - Pastel Pink - MONAMI ESSENTI SOFT PK
  I really like the packaging...., July 5, 2012
I really like the packaging. It has a window, but I don't really know if I could see my usage. I took a star off because I didn't think the color of this highlighter was bright enough or noticeable. It's a simple highlighter. The nib is really stiff, so I could get a fine tip to write with.
Kuretake Zig Brush Style Highlighter Pen - Orange - KURETAKE BH-55-111
  This is a great highlighter...., July 3, 2012
This is a great highlighter. It has a bright (almost fluorescent) color that catches your attention. It has a soft felt tip that writes like a brush and you do get different widths depending on the pressure you put on it. I love using this highlighter to mark off my to do list. I find the brush style tip is an improvement to the highlighter. It's extremely comfortable to use, which makes it all the more addicting.
Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Black Ink - Blue Body - UNI SXN15007.8
  This is my favorite pen...., October 1, 2010
This is my favorite pen. The size of the tip is just perfect and the ink is amazingly smooth for such a small tip. It doesn't skip and it doesn't smudge. The pen looks flawless and it feels great. One tiny thing I don't like is that the rubber grip is a translucent color. It makes it looks dirty when it's not. I'd have liked it if it was opaque like the 0.5 series. Of course, I could always get one of those and just put in a 0.7 mm pen refill.
Uni SXR-7 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Refill - 0.7 mm - Blue - UNI SXR7.33
  I liked the black ink..., October 1, 2010
I liked the black ink that came with the original 0.7 mm pen, so I thought it would be nice to try out the blue ink. It wasn't as good as the black ink. I immediately thought that I got a defective one, so I ordered another Blue Pen refill, but that one was just as bad as the first one. It was "skippy" at first. Then after 2 pages of writing, I was just scratching the paper with a piece of metal because the ink wasn't coming out. It felt like it was out of ink, which was impossible because I can still see the ink in the cartridge. Plus, the original black ink that I had lasted until all the ink in the cartridge was gone. I left it alone for a few days, and decided to use it again because I don't want it to go to waste. It was a bit better. It "regained" some ink so that I could write again, and it wasn't as "skippy" as the first time. Overall, it wasn't as smooth as the original black ink.
1 to 6 (of 6 )