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I LOVE THESE PENS!!!!! First...
January 29, 2013
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First of all, people love to diss the plastic barrel quality. I would like to say that it is PERFECTLY fine! There's nothing wrong with it. The lightweight construction reduce fatigue when writing for long session and I would know because I would sit and write and study for 12 hours with minimal breaks! The lightweight helps and it's very comfortable as well.

Second, this blue black color is, by far, THE best blue black I've ever tried. I love the color very much. I can't really describe it, but it's just right.

Third, the 0.4mm, is the perfect size to write notes with. It's not too large, too thin, it's just perfect.
However, you do have to let the ink run after a word or so. The ink can be scratchy for a word or so, but that is NOT a concern whatsoever.

Now for the best part, it is less than 4$!!!! it writes so much better than some quality pens that run in the hundreds *cough cough Montblanc* So just get one and try it out before making a judgement and perhaps in the future you'll save hundreds by using this pen. Have fun writing with it!
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