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Reviews Written by richard.henning

June 11, 2014
I love thin writing pens....
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I love thin writing pens. Typically this excludes fountain pens. But this Pilot Prera puts down a very fine 0.4 line. It is smooth, fast and doesn't bleed or smear (as a lefty). I use the 01 OHTO Graphic Liner and the Hi-Tec C pens and they produce the same line/thickness as this Fine Prera. If you want and enjoy fine lines this is the perfect, lower price pens. The size, weight and feel makes it an all day, everyday pen. Well worth the purchase.

May 5, 2014
For years I have been...
Verified Purchase
For years I have been an avid Pilot Hitec-C user. This is the only everyday note taking pen that I consider better than the Hitec-C. I found the pen to last longer, is more durable and the line thickness the same as the 0.5mm Pilot versions. Also the ink feels wet going on all papers, but doesn't bleed nor feather on any paper. For the price and size this is a great pen that has many line thicknesses to choose from.

January 28, 2013
Outstanding pencil in...
Verified Purchase
Outstanding pencil in every way. Very low price, easy one click motion makes this perfect for children and adults. Perfect lead size at 0.9mm, no eraser but I haven't found a mechanical pencil with an adequate eraser so why bother. We use a separate one anyways. A great gift, plenty of colors to pick from. This is a great add-on if you are $3 or less toward the free shipping.

September 16, 2012
I was excited to hear...
Verified Purchase
I was excited to hear about the Evernote and Moleskine digital note taking combo but the higher price for a notebook and the pay to use app after 3 months bothered me to really want the item. After using this less expensive alternative i love how it works. The CamiApp is free and outstanding. Very easy to use and setup. I was able to create a digital note and send it to my gmail, evernote, gmail calendar, and phote album from my iphone in just a couple minutes after opening the jetpens package (which took only two days from west to east coast for free shipping). I applaud jetpens for finding this notepad to digital option and i will soon be getting the larger version and enjoying my ability to digitize, tag, archive and share my drawings and notes easier than i can with the older methods. This is well worth the money to try this technology proving that the pen is mightier and still relavant in our computer typing world of today.

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September 16, 2012
I rate this more as a...
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I rate this more as a 3.5 than a 4 but having two lead colors in one is the extra bonus worthy of a higher rating. The twisting meachanism to push and retract the lead reminds me of my first lead pencil some 30 years ago when that was the standard type. The lead doesnt fully withdrawl or retract as easily as the push pin current standard. Explaining this to a nine year old who never used a mechanical pencil like this turned her off instantly. For me is works as i expect it but i wouldnt rate it at the top of my favorite list. The price is about right and flipping the pencil to get a red line is still quiker than my other fancier multi color lead pencils.

March 6, 2012
I have many pencils and...
Verified Purchase
I have many pencils and pens from Jetpens and from Japan. The Kerry line has to be my favorite for many reasons. It is very study. Heavy enough to give value and durability but not cause long writing strain. The cap can cover the tip allowing for travel in pockets without poking like the typical mechanical pencil. The eraser is enough to get by on and the cap isnt flimsy where it falls off after years of use. I love it enough to give it as a good gift. The price and quality is enough so its not just a pencil gift. My 9 year old found it on my desk and wants her own. I can give her a 7mm colored version and we can both be happy. Dont hesitate to purchase this model of pencils. I had mine for a few years and use it daily and felt writing a review was the least i can do to support a quality pencil.

June 21, 2011
I have a lot of fountain...
Verified Purchase
I have a lot of fountain pens, all of them with unique characteristics setting them apart. This Kaweco Liliput I like better than my Kaweco sport due to its small size. When closed it easily fits into your pants or shirt pocket without notice (as it doesn't have a clip). It has a sturdy design as the cap secures to the base with a screw function that is solid with no wobbling. It is about as thin as a pencil so users with large hands may not like the width. The fine tip is more of a 0.8 line than an expected 0.5 width I prefer. I was hoping to use a Ohto Fountain Pen Converter but the base area for the ink cartridge is too small to hold it. The price may seem high but the quality, compact size and craftsmanship justifies the higher price. I would give it 5 stars if the line was thinner and a inkwell converter were available. A good purchase nonetheless.

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April 14, 2011
One of the best under...
Verified Purchase
One of the best under $20 fountain pen purchase I have made from JetPens. The size is small when closed and in the pocket. Make sure you purchase a clip if you want it to settle in a bag or pocket so it will never reach the bottom on it's own (total length closed with cap is just near 4.25"). The nib is smooth, clean, no issues and writes a near 0.6 line. I currently use the Kaweco ink cartridges which do not bleed and dry quickly (I am a lefty). This is a great gift for a non-fountain pen user as well as a good purchase for a pen lover. My next purchase is the metallic model at the $70 range, knowing what to expect the larger price range is less of a gamble.

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November 21, 2010
After spending almost...
Verified Purchase
After spending almost $200 with Jetpens this year I didn't want to spend anymore not until the new Hi-Tec-C pen was offered. I have most versions of the Hi-Tec pens and I never have been disappointed. This pen is great and the price is good enough for me to add $10 more to the order for free shipping. Writing with any of the inks is smooth, transitioning between the colors is very precise, smooth and easy. I am glad I jumped on this knowing they are out of stock of the gray body, since I didn't really like the other colors.

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August 25, 2010
My favorite pen to date....
Verified Purchase
My favorite pen to date. I am a huge Pilot Hi-Tec-C fan, as a lefty this is the best pen at .3, .4 and even .5 since the ink dries fast enough not to smear.