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Reviews Written by rhillbur

June 21, 2012
I purchased the POSCA...
I purchased the POSCA in an attempt to find my holy grail- a white brush pen. Unfortunately, the POSCA has a lot of issues that prevent it from being such. 1. The ink is watery, and will reactivate non-water-safe ink if applied on top (very important if you're a comic artist, and are using the white brushpen to make corrections) 2. The ink isn't fully opaque, so even if it does not reactivate the ink beneath it, there will be some ghosting 3. The pen is pressurized, and may leak during barometric pressure shifts (or in an airplane cabin). Unfortunately, I do not reccommend this product.

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June 21, 2012
I'm a comic artist, and...
I'm a comic artist, and I've been using this brushpen in lieu of an actual brush for months. Very convenient to carry around in my inking pouch, and it fits the hand better than other brushpens I've purchased in the past. The brush has a great amount of give, allowing for some really expressive lines, and the brushpen is fantastic for both serious inking and noodling about in a sketchbook. My only complaint is that I can't refill the cartridges with my choice of ink, I've found that any ink besides the ink in the Akashiya cartridges clogs the natural bristles of the brush. This is a problem as the Akashiya ink is slightly greyer than the other inks I use, and requires a little extra tweaking in Photoshop. Other than that, a great product.